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I am such an angsty bitch, aren't I...poor Sasuke, I really feel for him.

WOWWWW, all the feedback is spectacular. ILU GAIZ!!! I couldn't believe how much interest I got from this. You all had great ideas, and it truly inspired me to do something completely different with the story than I had originally intended. 90% of you were on the same train of thought; Sasuke saw Naruto doing something suspicious with someone and thinks Naruto is cheating on him. The most highly suggested character was Sai! I was originally going to make it Hinata, but I like Sai so much better in this context.


IMPORTANT! Read this:

This doujinshi is a collaborative effort between my watchers and I. You totally have a say in what goes on next, all you have to do is describe how you think the story should proceed and/or what you think should happen. I read all the suggestions I get, and then pick the idea(s) I like the most.

The Plot so far: Naruto comes home, only to find Sasuke in a foul mood; Sasuke has seen Naruto and Sai making out, and thinks Naruto is cheating on him.

What is Naruto going to say, and how is Sasuke going to react?

Is Naruto actually cheating with Sai?

Tell me how you want it to go, below

EDIT: A lot of you are insisting that Naruto would never cheat. Well you're absolutely right, I'm all about canon, and he would never cheat on his partner. That means something else is going on. Keep the suggestions coming, I'm loving it ^_^

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shiiiiiiiit.......u dunt messed up Uzumaki
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..........................I type in the search Bitches Love Cannons and I get THIS!?
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I think you should have made that Sai made a fake drawing of naruto cause he knew sasuke would see so they would break up.
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Alalala Amazingness! NO Naruto don't cheat on Sasuke! You're perfect together  *sobs*
*reads description, sighs in relief*
Thank you for the brilliant page!
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Naruto could have been teaching Sai a fighting move, or teaching him how to pleasure someone so Sai can be in his own relationship :iconowoblinkplz:
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Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Hold'a hold'a hold'a hold'a hold up! Hold up! I refuse to believe Naruto did that! Shake Head Mm-mm I refuse!
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:iconannoyeddotdotdotplz: Noooo Sasu-cake!  Naruto would never do that to sugar of his life!  
I'm sure there's a good explanation! :iconmiseryplz: 
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Sai was either giving naruto a massage or trying to get in his pants.....Mother of god 
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Im guessing the later, cause, *nudge* *nudge* 
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update update update!
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dreaming is way to easy
Genjutsu too
someone mabye is using is form :O
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Sasuke is going to kill sai or atleast beat him up >.>
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omg - naruto looks confused - what if sai has a partner and their kink is to impersonate other people while doing such things so that would mean that that person isnt naruto but sai's partner and idk what im talking about now but i hope i get to see what else you do <3
I think Naruto would never cheat!! Maybe it's innocents day? And Sai played a joke to Sasuke??
Love this dj and love your art too :D
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Let's see... Normally I'd be like "Sai read in a book something about molesting people when they're drunk!" but in the panel you can see the very bag of groceries that Naruto walked in with is sitting on the ground so that means 
1) this is something that happened VERRRRY recently- like on Naruto's way home from grocery store
2) Whatever it was- it couldn't have taken too long.  Darn. No SaiNaru smexy times.

Sooooo.... I've got nothing. I don't have any ideas at the moment. I may later- in which case I shall return. Otherwise... Nope. X|
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I am with u in these points :) (Smile) 
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Cool! Although I still have no other ideas as to what's happening... :icondontunderstandplz:
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Wow. Poor Sasuke. T^T I say make Sai summon a clone, the clone does a transformation jutsu and yeah it goes from there. :D
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