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By SatomiSparks
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This is my very, very, VERY late submission to :iconturn-into-a-girl: for the 3-word Secret Santa event.

I had to make a caption based on the supplied words "Techno," "Hippie," and a third word I can't for the life of me remember.

My sincere apologies to the recipient.

source material
source material

PS- As was pointed out to me, I'm describing time dilation rather than synesthesia. I knew better, but my addled brain conflated the two.
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How did you make that effect?
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As the one who suggested the event, I can say "better late than never."  To be honest I was disappointed with how it turned out, I think there were twenty people in it, and of those I think only twelve got them in.
About the caption itself, I like the sense of disorientation you give in this, it helps give the reader the same feeling as Sam.  Though, I will note she's not experiencing synesthesia, that would be something like she was seeing the sound patterns.
It's a rather simple, but experimental cap.
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I sat on this for so long because I honestly had a tough time tying the words together into one story and eventually it just fell through the cracks.

And you're right, I'm not really describing synesthesia, that's fair. I'm talking more about time dilation and multiple things seeming to happen at once. My original draft was about a page long talking about how awesome acid is, I probably could have pulled out some different parts from it.

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You're welcome.
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