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they are all nuts

By Satomi-Chan
that's a bit diff from what i have been drawing lately..

Misato has been waching Futurama every night now! XD
I just had to draw them.. in Anime..ish.. style.
I did not spend much time in the line-work...
um.. hope ya like ^.^
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© 2004 - 2021 Satomi-Chan
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Oh gawd no affense but Lela looks creepy 
Tsuki222's avatar
Awesome and wonderful pic!
artbyeevee's avatar
Thank you thank you thank you! I've been looking everywhere for the person who did this!
MexEmperorRamsesII's avatar
in found it in another account!!!
koyuki321's avatar
Oh Fry. I see where that hands going. =w=
samiel5's avatar
If futurama looked like this I could probably get my girlfriend to watch it.
killerweinerdog's avatar
Need an adorable chibi? Why not Zoidberg?
karlalii's avatar
this looks so good D: <3
NeroRedgrave's avatar
Fry look's aawesome.
kuroitenshi13's avatar
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TehNerdQueenCaroline's avatar

xD Sorry, but he is! He's ADORABLE!
CrystalMask's avatar
Hi! This was featured here -> [link] :D
Inashne117's avatar
I miss this show so much. I know its back now but I only get basic cable so I still can't watch it = (
Aruman's avatar
Wow, I've never seen anyone make Leela look good in any style other than its original. Congrats on that accomplishment! X3
Blood-Phoenix78's avatar
Gotta love Futurama, especially Bender and Zoidberg :D
Shadowlover4456's avatar
You should make an episode in this style. It really well drawn.
H3-six's avatar
They are all adorable! Especially zoidberg, I just want to take him home and feed him pizza.
soopa-boombox-rox's avatar
hahah, this is great! such a good resemblance! I'd love to watch a cutesy anime version of Futurama now :#1:
ThePitbullLover's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! Love this!
Connarhea's avatar
this showed up here, don't know if that's good or bad thing

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