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Lestat and louis da vampires

interview with the vampire!

Full-view plz! :D eet looks better full..size.

anyway, I just love that movie ^o^

they are suposte to be Lestat de Lioncourt & Louis de Pointe du La.

i had to draw some fan-art for it!
i sorta do like how Lestat came out...
Louis.. well, he looks dorky 2 me ;.;
um..why he is holding a rat..
well, Les is kinda taking the piss out of Lou,
If ya have seen the movie, you will understand :D

shuld I draw Armand and Claudia next?

Lestat & louis © Anne Rice & Warner bros

EDID:: i did change ther eye colour, it was all wrong :P

hope it is okay now..
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lqtm lastat how could i forget a twisted bastard like that lovley asshole
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Thanks for the help you're really helping our Cosplay group for the Vampire chronicles cosplays
now that's a perfect picture of lestat and louie
Dorky?? Sweetie this came out beautiful! You should be proud of this awsome piece :-)
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I love when Lestat just pets the rat xD
like he just killed it and then he began petting it.


very nice job ♥
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Wow. I just... I-....WOW. :icongaspplz:
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Wow, you did an amazing, gorgeous job doing Lestat and dear old Louis in anime form! I LOVE it, yes I do~!!!!
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If they had a cartoon, this is what they would look like.
I also loved the movie.
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i think louis looks good. this is really awesome ^^
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Lestat<3 awesome:)
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I actually watched this movie today :3 I absolutely love it every time I see it!
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I think you did a really good job on this. It is perhaps the awesomest art I have ever seen. :iconkermityayplz:
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This is soooooooo Awesome!!! :D

But when ever I see this I hear Louis saying "I wanna eat that rat" like Gir from Invader Zim
AxelionxBornxOfxHade's avatar
-_- now every time I see him, I will hear that in my head...^_^ Funny.
FriendsOfTheABCGirl's avatar
Haha! I know right! ^_^ somehow it just fits
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one word for it............... AWSOMe
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God, wanna read so bad now. Lol.

Lovely. ♥
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Oh man, the book is awesome. I'd recommend it to anyone. ^^ (At least of 13 years anyway.)
whirlwind-watch's avatar
Haha. I really must get around to it, be on my to-do-list pile for waaaay to long, haha. :D :D
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