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One Piece characters are real life people

In a recent SBS Eichiro Oda said many ONE PIECE characters are resembled of real life celebrities/figures. Oda is one of the most amazing writer when it comes to this kind of inspiration. He draws from everything with his wild imagination !

This is my personal opinion how the characters resembled real celebrities/figures thru making some research, i hope you have fun, please don't take it so seriously. List Character :

• God Enel - Eminem | • Steven Tyler - Jango | • Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas) - Mr.2 BonClay | • Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura) - Franky | • Freddie Mercury - Peeply Lulu

• Joey Jordison - Basil Hawkins | • Michael Jackson - Hody Jones | • Lenny Kravitz - Mr.5 | • Twiggy - Miss Valentine | • Hugo Boss Model - Paulie

• Al Capone - Capone Bege | • Valentino Rossi - Trafalgar Law | • Mick Foley - Spandam | • Louise Brook - Nico Robin | • Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace) - Shakky

• Stevie Ray Vaughan - Postgas D. Ace | • Tim Curry (Dr. Frank N. Furter) - Emporio Ivankov | • Yusaku Matsuda - Aokiji/Kuzan | • Kunie Tanaka - Kizaru | • Bunta Sugawara - Akainu/Sakazuki

• Danny DeVito (The Penguin) - Dr. Hogback | • Hulk Hogan - Whitebeard | • Daft Punk - Killer | • Jean Rochefort - Gun Fall | • Cruella de Vil - Inazuma

• Harvey Keitels - Rob Lucci | • George Clooney - Iceburg | • Mikhail Gorbachev - The Gorosei ( Five Elder Stars) | • Mahatma Gandhi - The Gorosei ( Five Elder Stars) | • Michel Polnareff - Don Quixote Doflamingo
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looks so accurate

IsaacChamplain's avatar
Damn! It almost feels intentional 
CHCHcartoons's avatar
Freddie Mercury & Peeply Lulu kinda look like Mike Haggar. 
avatarband's avatar
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Hahahaha I never noticed XD
MaloriaPony's avatar
Oh wow. So much accuracy!
THEDARKNESS696's avatar
I feel like if Zoro were on here he'd be Dennis Rodman!
AwesomeOKingGuy0123's avatar
You....have be...FLIPPIN'....KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!
WhoreForTrafalgarLaw's avatar
slayerdude677's avatar
so enel is not only a lighting god but also a rap god 
MomoCho-Art's avatar
Omg eddy murphy as the flamingo guy hahaha
vaulttecagent3298's avatar
Kizaru is real OH GOD NO
leonrock84's avatar
mick foley hulk hogan what are they doing here 
KaizokuShojo's avatar
Most of these are
LukeTheRipper's avatar
You forgot that Brook's human form is based on Slash from Guns 'N' Roses.
Vegeta3921's avatar
I find this interesting as Franky and Mr. 2 are voiced by the same voice actor in Japan.
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Hahaha so funny
Karmo007's avatar
Hahaha :) só funny
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This is hilarious! XD
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sfsd hgigjd sdifjsid fs sin palabras
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This is so accurate it's scary... O_O
TheWonderingBrony's avatar
This is amazing, I want to cry it's so glorious...
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