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Nerf Maverick Mod 1

Okay, I love Nerf Guns. And I love modifying things. Henceforth, this. Which is something I have wanted to do for a while, just never felt up to.

So this is my Nerf mod... an N-Strike Maverick with some paint and parts added. Yes, yes that is an ax blade. Figures only I would turn a toy weapon into a real one... although it's not sharp.

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1/32 second
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13 mm
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Aug 18, 2007, 7:17:12 PM
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gothyweasle's avatar
what did you use for the spikes on this?
if it didnt have that blade coming from beneath the barrel i wouldnt be thinking its a bit over the top... but its still a cool gun
EmoFluffyButt's avatar
Gears of War: Nerf style!
ZEB31's avatar
That is bad ass hard core.
KruemelsKustomPieces's avatar
I like the concept with the blade and spike. Very Warhammer40k-Orc-ish.
Majesticbob's avatar
Oh 2 pages derp. Sorry for the triple comment.
Majesticbob's avatar
Huh, I guess my comment didn't go through. Well, this is an amazing piece it puts my works to shame. I really dig the ax blade.
Majesticbob's avatar
Sick. That is amazing. You just made all my guns look like crap lol.
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hey can you mod a gun? Like if I mail you the money for the gun and the money to mod it could you ship it back after? (of course, the money you get as profit)
Rathkeaux's avatar
Awesome Gun! Take a look at mine:)
zanruos's avatar
okey i want tp d this to my nerf gun bu i want to make in to a steam/arcana punk design ment to kill vampires
UnforgivenKindness's avatar
mind if i ask how exactly did you add on the ax and spikes? very nice btw :meow:
icycobra13's avatar
That thing is badass
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xmdz's avatar
This is how you combo melee players that come at you. I'd slice of blunt foam versions or those blades.
VectorTank's avatar
This is a thing of beauty. Wouldn't mind just borrowing yours for my halloween this year but i guess i will just have to start from scratch with my own.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Could you tell me what you used to glue the axe blade to the gun? Also, what did you use to make the "weld" looking stuff where the two pieces connect? Is it just the same stuff used to bond them together? Thanks for the late entry question :)
Sathiest-Emperor's avatar
Oh jeez... this was a while ago now... um, well, I know I cut a hole into the base of the maverick to insert the axe blade into. I remember that. As for the glue, I don't remember what I used to bond the two together, but for the welding look I just used hot glue and smoothed it out a bit. I may have used high temp hot glue to bond the two together, but I don't think that's it... but the glue was used for the weld look.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Thanks a lot! I'll test those two ideas on a nerf gun I melted (don't ask..hehe).
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