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My name is Elise Le Blanc, and my passion is to draw cute and game related things! I also like comics, novels, coffee, caramel, cats... the usual fun stuff!

I'm also available for custom art commissions, please contact me for more info if you're interested.

I have a YouTube Channel where I post time lapse drawing videos of my art. Please check it out!

Favourite Movies
Get Smart (2008), Hot Fuzz (2007), The Maltese Falcon (1941)
Favourite TV Shows
Squid Girl
Favourite Books
The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy by Robin Hobb
Favourite Writers
Robin Hobb, Anthony Ryan, Anne Bishop, Brent Weeks, Patricia Briggs
Favourite Games
Elder Scrolls, The Sims, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft
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Pencils, paper, Wacom, Easy Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photshop CS3, Adobe Premiere CS4, Adobe After Effects CS4, Graphics Gale, Maya/3ds Max
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commented on Storms by
Yay, you are welcome! I am glad it was helpful! :D
commented on Storms by
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

I like:
The rain effect.
The mood of the image.
The colours used.
The little trails of rain coming off her hair and body.
The shadows and colour on the ground.
The kind of glow behind her.

It looks like you are trying to use a bit of perspective, like we are looking down on her? Her head is a bit big but her feet are a bit small. It doesn't seem like there is enough of an angle to justify such a perspective. By all means if you want to use perspective don't let me stop you, but perhaps a little less in this case.

Continuing on that, the hands are too small compared to the head. Also, I know it is hard to get someone holding a small animal like that right, but making one of her hands simply vanish doesn't solve that. If you get stuck try looking at pictures of people hugging animals (try google even) for ideas on hand placement.

Her arms suggest that she is wearing a large jacket with quite a bit of thickness to it, but around her waist and hips is suddenly a thin jacket. This is what I mean with the perspective. Even if there was to be some perspective in this image, I don't think that the thickness of the jacket would disappear so quickly.
You could make the arms and head smaller, or the rest of the body a little thicker/bigger to help with this.

Also, her hat looks like it is about to fall off her head. If this is the intended effect, then great. Otherwise, you've not drawn the shape of her head correctly for the angle that it is at (looking down). Again you could look at reference or try and create your own. Put on a beanie, look down slightly and take a picture of your head.
It might just be the hair obscuring it, however. Make sure to draw the basics of the face (so you know that it looks right) before you cover it up with hair.

I kind of have no idea what the black thing behind her is... a cape? I can't tell.

I am not sure about the way you've drawn her pants. It kind of looks like she has an odd bulge on the side of her thigh. The highlight on the knee is okay, and the one below that is kind of okay too. I just can't identify why that first bulge is there.
Is it meant to be dampness from the rain? Something being wet usually makes the colour darker, I think.
Are they meant to be pockets? If so it would have been nice to see some evidence of an opening to the pocket. (Also, if they are pockets they are really rather large pockets... but I think some pockets can be that big so perhaps that is not the issue.)

My explanation for the ratings:

Vision - 3 stars.
Does the artwork present or reflect a point of view, theme or idea? It could mean something, but though I think it has some good impact, I don't think it has a strong vision. I don't think it easily tells a strong message to the viewer.

Originality - 3 stars.
The situation doesn't seem that original. Someone sad and standing in the rain has been done before quite a bit (not that its necessarily bad). But the little animal and the whatever-that-black-thing-is, her outfit, and the fact that I haven't personally seen one of the standing in the rain pictures for a while prompt me to give you this score.

Technique - 2.5 stars.
Your technique is decent, but has lots of room for improvement.

Impact - 3.5 stars.
The emotion in the piece comes across quite well.

Final note:
Going over this critique makes me think I am putting too much detail into the bad things and not saying enough about the good. :/ Please don't be offended. I do like this art, it's why I put so much effort into trying to help you. If you do anything with it is totally up to you!
commented on Spinning by
No worries! Random is nice. Love Glad you like it~

I've improved a lot since this one though, if you want to check out some of my newer-ish stuff: 

Banana Girl Poster by Sathanna    Cute Dress by Sathanna  
commented on C: Bella by
So cute! The shading is really soft and lovely. I can't decide if my favourite part is the eyes, the lips or the flower haha Love 
C: Bella
commented on Floral Wind by
Nice! I watch a lot of YouTube while I draw, haha. I'm more productive if I just listen to music though. Wink/Razz 
Floral Wind