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Daily Deviation
August 17, 2019
Featured by BlackBowfin

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There will never be a straight path to where you want to go.

We meander and wade through the soundtrack of our lives

and still,

we might never get there.

I see you twisting your body round the desk as you,

write this, write me, write them away.

How many seconds did you


before considering your underlying regret?

Go straight, turn left and left again and still,

you might never get there.

What tethers us to this spot?

What unknowns have we buried, have we uncovered?

Today, I read that two scientists found fossils of a giant carnivore

and I wondered at their bones.

Did they rest easy?

Did they sprint?

Did they get to where they needed to go?

I give up too easily and talk too much to stay here.

So i turn round, head back and decided that

right here and now,

is where I needed to be.

Sometimes we are stuck in motion even though we're moving
Sometimes we pause to wonder about it
Sometimes we just let it slip into our subconsciousness
I realise now that it is okay to remain as is, here
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LiterarySerenity's avatar
I love the idea of our winding, individual travels through life being all for the best in the end. Nice! 

Congrats on the DD!
GuinevereToGwen's avatar
Wow, I love this. I'm going to call the rest of my story the soundtrack of my life. Congratulations on the daily deviation. It is well-deserved! :heart:
satellitenotes's avatar

Thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed this little piece!

annejoart's avatar
This is wonderful work. Congratulations on this level of wriing. Excellent
satellitenotes's avatar

Thank you. Honestly, I must say it is not my favorite piece of work but i'm glad so many people like it. Still just finding my way in the dark.

YouInventedMe's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
satellitenotes's avatar

Thank you so much!

LindArtz's avatar

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

Alpha-House's avatar
Quite captivating👏👏👏
miserabel's avatar
Very expressive piece. I especially like the metaphor of "twisting one's body around the desk" while writing. Nice work! :clap:
Leanndra51's avatar
A beautiful poem!
Poetrymann's avatar
This poem has been submitted to New Latitudes. We just need you to appove it.
BlackBowfin's avatar
That opening line (as well as the rest of it)... just great stuff.  :)
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