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Published: January 10, 2018
Here are some frequently asked questions I've been getting.
If there's something you still want to know then comment on here or send me a note! (:


What programs do you use?

Clip Studio Paint for the actual drawing and the newest Photoshop for resizing/color correction.
Krita and FireAlpaca are some great free drawing programs!

What tablet do you use?

An Intuos 5 from Wacom

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm working on War of Ashird with KumihoSoft and some secret ones!

Are you the artist for DDLC and who is your favorite character?

Yes and Natsuki

Will you be working on Team Salvato's next game?


Do you have any tipps for beginner artists?

Never stop drawing first of all. Second is observing/studying real life and art that you really like.

Any other tricks for drawing?

- Try to avoid using pure black/white.
- Image > Adjustments > Selective Color (or Curves) in Photoshop for correcting colors after the drawing is done.
- Keeping your layers tidy.
- Use references!
- Some amazing tutorials: iradukai.com/

For how long have you been drawing?

Since I've been a child. I did my first digital drawing when I was around 12 I think.

Who are your favorite artists?

For cute styles it's Sayori, Kantoku, Gayarou, Anmi and Nardack.
Other artists I really like are Honya Lala, Minaba Hideo, Matayoshi, Soey Milk, Lange, Mandrill and Tatsuyuki Tanaka

What brushes do you use?

I really like Daub's brushes for Clip Studio Paint and I usually draw on around 3000 x 4000px, 300-350dpi and the brush size on 4-5px.

Will you be making a Youtube channel?

Yes, I want to make one in the future for speedpaints/tutorials.

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I'm probably lttp with this, so I may not even get a response on this. lol
Do you take requests/commissions? If so, I would just ADORE seeing the cast* of Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind in your legendary art style, as though they were all characters in DDLC!
And I hope things are fairing well for you, wherever you are!

(The comment pretty much stops here; don't worry about reading this next bit unless you too wish to fantasize about a dating sim where you go out with literal gangsters.)
*By cast, I mean:
Giorno Giovanna,
Bruno Bucciarati,
Guido Mista,
Narancia Ghirga,
Leone Abbacchio,
Pannacotta Fugo,
Trish Una,
Vinegar Doppio,
and Diavolo.
Of course, seeing La Squadra Esecuzioni (Formaggio, Illuso, Prosciutto, Pesci, Melone, Ghiaccio and Risotto Nero) in your style would be fantastic too!
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XxCandy-SwirlxXHobbyist General Artist
Can't wait to see your tutorials and speedpaints! And wait, Natsuki is your favorite too? :3
lordtuvieja's avatar
Will you draw a picture of DDLC anniversary? PD: I love u drawing! :)
Satchely's avatar
SatchelyStudent Digital Artist
Thank you and there's nothing planned as far as I know
lordtuvieja's avatar
Thank you for responding and then I will waiting anxious to someday if you want to draw a picture of DDLC! :)
(Sorry for my horrible English xD)
I admire you and 
A pleasure to talk to you!
I send you big hug from Argentina! :D <3
josedlp's avatar
are you legal? just curiosity
Satchely's avatar
SatchelyStudent Digital Artist
That's a concerning way of asking for my age lol
josedlp's avatar
if I asked you your age you were not going to answer me, but if I ask it that way, it's just a yes or no. so we all win!
chinjireta's avatar
chinjiretaHobbyist Digital Artist
hi! i was just curious if you ever would have commissions open? you're a big inspiration for me! ;v;
Satchely's avatar
SatchelyStudent Digital Artist
Aww thank you! I'm not sure when I'll open them again but I do want to
chinjireta's avatar
chinjiretaHobbyist Digital Artist
okay! i’ll keep my eye open then uvo
MoonFlowerAJ's avatar
MoonFlowerAJHobbyist Artist
do you have tips for younger artists?
(you are awesome btw)
JimmyJughead's avatar
JimmyJugheadStudent Digital Artist
Is it too late for me to start? Im 17 now (Used to love drawing) I'm always sad when I see other people like you who have started since they were 14 or 13 or even younger. Used to love drawing but there were complications see? Love your art BTW you're the reason I started drawing again!
Satchely's avatar
SatchelyStudent Digital Artist
It's never too late to start! Just keep at it and don't give up. Sometimes I got frustrated and didn't draw a single thing in months but then got back to it.
JimmyJughead's avatar
JimmyJugheadStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much Satchley, was having a bad day today until I saw this reply you've been an inspiration for me to start drawing again :) wish you the best.
VideoGrewal's avatar
VideoGrewalHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you have any shading tips (mainly for colour) for drawings? It would be extemely helpful to me since I'm trash.
Satchely's avatar
SatchelyStudent Digital Artist
It's hard to sum it up in words so I hope I'll be able to make a tutorial soon
VideoGrewal's avatar
VideoGrewalHobbyist Digital Artist
K, thx, I’m really interested in what you have to say
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TDPNejiHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too. I always cel-shaded my drawings (simple shades with no fades) with the shading layer's blending being at Reflect or Overlay. Before doing that, I used to always have a non-blending shading layer with 10-25% opacity (but I still do that for shading over white since Reflect/Overlay doesn't really work with brighter, unsaturated colors). I was never that good with shading and went with what seems logical to be shaded (depending on angle) and what came to mind.
vegeta3367's avatar
Are you by any chance taking commissions?  If you are, what are your prices?  Plus do you have any limitations if that's the case?  (For example, no DDLC requests for legal reasonings )  I appreciate you taking the time to read this and get back to me.
Satchely's avatar
SatchelyStudent Digital Artist
Right now I'm not accepting any commissions. When I do again, I'll announce it on Deviantart/Twitter.
I don't have any limitations really and DDLC 'fanart' is fine as long as it's just for your private use, I think
vegeta3367's avatar
Thanks for letting me know. This has been a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Do you consider your own art, fanart? If its not for official release, purposes its alright? I've actually been doing my own fan arts for my story and in general a bit, since we last talked. Its been pretty fun. And an odd scenario. Potato peeling Doki's. I was actually gonna ask what you thought of the idea of that. How each one, would approach such a mundane task? That was surprisingly enjoyable. I do have a question though. What does the back of Natsuki's head look like? Or what would her face be shaped like if she looked directly at you like Monika does. Would it be alright if I shared my story ideas with you? Hear your thoughts? And thanks again for getting back to me.
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SlicksPlagueHobbyist Artist
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