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Sorry for the long inactivity. Time for some page doll commissions!

4s by SatchelySmall by Satchelysmall by SatchelyRero2 by Satchely

Price: $20

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose

What you have to tell me
(you can either note or comment)

- Character References:
- Instructions, if you have any:
- Choose one of the two poses from the examples (for each character):

Rules/Other Stuff

- What you will get: a bigger transparent version of your chibi (+the small version)
- if you put your mini chibi on your profilepage,(or somewhere else) please credit me
- i draw anthro too
- you can change your chibi
- you can ask me to change your chibi
- i will only start to draw after i've got your payment

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose


1. ---

Thanks to everyone
Hellooo Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]
time to do some colored sketches again.

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Example (but more detailed this time. I'll update the example later):

1 by Satchely

 Price: 15 $

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] To Do List:
     1. :iconkpj11: x2
     2. :iconwolphfe: x2

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] What you have to tell me (note or comment):
     Character Reference:
     Instructions (optional):
Hellooo, and again, i'm opening commissionss Emoji02  
I've recently only been doing single commissions each time because I do them between projects. I hope you guys understand ;;

>> detailed chibi: $60
lauren by Satchelyhannin by Satchelyluxx by Satchely

>>full size character: $80

Hearts by Satchelysakura miku by Satchelyx1 by Satchely


1. :iconxeikaa:

Paypal Stamp by artist4com