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Summer Natsuki

A sketch I drew between school work of what I imagine Natsuki is doing after school in summer.

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can you do somthing like this with yuri please? yuri is best girl~

😮 That's so cool, Natsuki is a sk8r girl!

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I'm getting major Lapis Lazuli vibes from this for some reason...
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Hey, this is an older image that I have already commented on, BUT, i saw something the other day and HAD to share. So, my family and I had gone out for the three day weekend, and we had gone to little Tokyo for most of the day. We enjoyed some Japanese cuisine, and went into some really cute anime stores!!! However, at one point, I saw a girl... WITH A NATSUKI COSPLAY ON!!! I wanted soooo badly to say something... but you know introverts... heck, i'm even debating while i'm typing this deciding on weather or not to post it because I am sure if I do, there will be people who are mad at me for posting something so long in the comments section of a wonderful image... and also... introvert. Well crippling anxiety, you are not taking control over me today! and... post.

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I am surprised. I don't think she will go this far at trying out this type of hobbies, but now that I think about it, she's the kind who wants to take the initiative or something.
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That skirt is barely covering her up
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So, cute! Seeing this reminds me of how cute Natsuki is :heart:
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her nike sneakers look more like skechers sneakers XD
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Skateboarding in a skirt, she's gutsy.
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Or (considering her problems at home) she just gets the skateboard from home and just sits somewhere to be anywhere but at home and pretend to be waiting for someone... I can be overanalyzing it since she didn't write anything about hitting her by her dad in the secret poem, which would explain the bruises. I'm probably overanalyzing it.

Besides that, I really like this drawing, I'm always happy for more Natsuki or anything DDLC related.
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I like to defend this theory of "Natsuki's dad is not doing it without Monika's code"

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Aw why the long face.
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natsuki is best gal
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Aww! Sweet! Summer is coming, I completely forgot since the weather has been so cold... *looks outside and everything is on fire* Yeah, California rocks! Sucks how cold it is all the time though...

I think I have problems.

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I want this as a poster, this amazing!

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Oh my goodness! I hope we will be getting a summer outfit for all the characters ;u; this is just too perfect
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