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Monika & Sayori on a picnic!

著作権 Team Salvato 許可を得て掲載 // Copyright Team Salvato, posted with permission
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nekopatrik's avatar

I don't like this page!

ThePinkFlamingo3223's avatar

I love that Natsuki is chasing Yuri in the background

abstertrek's avatar

I would complain about mc not being included but this is amazing

WebkinzLiker264's avatar

Maybe this is MC's point of view! We're seeing through his eyes.

abstertrek's avatar

I'd rather see him on screen. He's a doki and fellow club member.

Aquarizen-Frost's avatar

while sayori n monika is having a bit of a good time...those two on the back- with natsuki with a kite chasing yuri i think XD

yuri is scared of kites confirmed

om om om this is so cute >:OO

P0CK11's avatar

I keep thinking: "Omg the girls look so canon in their style !"

then i remember you're the artist of the game

luigi207's avatar

how did this pic get copyright striked on twitter tho?

jbwarner86's avatar

I love how even the people who made this game want to give these characters a happy ending :D

A-Dawg13's avatar
Monika looks like she's starting to feel bad about what she did to Sayori...
Erimy's avatar

Just for Yuri and Natsuki in the background 👌:love:

AlvinAndTheWebkinz's avatar

yay you're not dead on dev art

neither is ddlc :D

abstertrek's avatar

DDLC will never die.

wow that's really really nice!

I love it!

I want to hug them instead of walking away very fast.

first I thought you were keyword spamming by putting all their names in there, then they look closer at the background.

Eli-Pic's avatar

The cake is so cute! Nyan! =^w^=

enchantingly cute and deliciously sweet

aMurderousC0w's avatar

Gud God. Is so coot!!! I luv it.

tvheadmonster's avatar

oh yeah, thats wholesome.

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