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Mona from Genshin Impact

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She's the best girl

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this perfection goes straight to favWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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I'd love to make Mona moan. :giggle:

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Your Mona is seriously the best i saw on the Internet so far. Holy S**T. I would love to see a Lisa from you (in the same Direction like your Mona or Athena).

Fingers Crossed ^^

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She looks beautiful!!

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Everything about this is amazing 😭😭❤️❤️

You play Genshin too? this is so great! ^^ awesome art!

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Oh boy oh boy, please do draw more of our girls! Like Barbara and Noelle! Barb's unlocked friendship dialogue calls Noelle "so cute!" (I don't use Noelle, so I don't know what she says, anyone know???) I want to see them interact!

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She has some great ASSets
No but seriously looks great
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Wonderful work Satch. I kinda wanna see what would Peach or any Nintendo character would look like in your art style.

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One of the best monas I've seen, can we expect Keqing, Fischl, Amber or Noelle next? ATOMixArt

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I'd love to draw all of them!

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you're so good!!!

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