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Afterschool part-time job

By Satchely
2015 was the year of the sheep and also a big turning point in several aspects of my life. So I dug up an old artwork from that time (that you can see on Twitter) and got inspired to draw something new

I drew this for COMP who generously sponsored it! Thank you so much
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Cute high school Saytress girl!! :love: :love:

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Ah I love this piece! The shading and lighting are so perfect I can almost feel the warm rays of sun and the soft grass as I listen to the soft baaahing of the sheep. The character is so adorable and the pose is so relaxed it makes me feel rather nostalgic thinking about some of the fun summers I had. (✿◡‿◡)

I'd really like to try and animate some of your works like this one if I can get permission to do so, but I don't know whether I can since I know several are sponsored or commissioned.

Here's an example of what I mean by animate your work: Animation: Ai (AkaruC Quarantine)

Anyways since I recently have gotten in the habit of leaving poems on art that inspired me...


by blenderenderer

After coming back from school

I take my flock for an evening graze

The summer air is so fresh and cool

as I sit on the dew covered grass and gaze

down along the countryside, so peaceful and serene

the quiet bustling of the small town

I'll never forget this scene

The sun drifts out from behind a cloud

the warmpth of its golden rays tickle my skin

Quietly I think aloud

"What a beautiful place to live in!"

This whisper glides on the summer breeze

and the wind whispers back into my ear

it's voice bringing back memories

so wonderful I shed a silent tear

The soft baaah-ing of the sheep comforts me

their soft wool soothes my soul

I love my life and who I am

I'm so glad to play this role

The sky slowly deepens to a pure and pastel blue

this whole moment is like a dream

where all my wishes might come true

While this moment is so serene

and I wish it'd never end

I eventually gather up my flock

and head back around the bend

As I herd my flock back to their home

I reflect on all I've done

I live a life without regret

Ready for each challenge yet to come

With that thought I head to my room

and snuggle up in bed.

I slowly drift off to sleep,

the sense of wonder still fresh in my head

Congrats on the daily deviation and keep up the amazing work! Your art continues to brighten up my day! (^‿^)

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She's cute and hot at the same time :-)

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omg this is soooooooo prettyyyy /;w;/ /;w;/ /;w;/ i really love the lighting on her skin and all the folds and shadows of her clothes and the bg and how some parts looks more painterly that makes the grass and her horns more beautiful and interesting <3 your artstyle is perfect as always uwu

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She looks so beautiful, congrats in ur deviant daily
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation! (:

Have a nice day and stay safe! ❤️

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So cute 🌈🌹
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How is sheep herding a part time job?

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She's cute and sexy ^^'

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This is adorable!!

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What a cute sheep girl! I really like her black hair and her yellowish eyes! The background looks really cool, as well (Love the sheep)! Great work! :heart:

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so amazing! love the shading!:w00t:

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