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That's more like it.

Lots of new deviations, and more to come...

New work is on the way, too. Check back for lots of papercraft pictures!
  • Listening to: Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs
  • Reading: Star Trek: TNG Technical Manual
  • Watching: DS9
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Water
Man, I've had this account since January, and I'm only now getting my artwork up.  Better late than never--though it's usually late with me.

I have lots more art to post; here's to hoping it goes up swiftly!
  • Listening to: American Wedding-Gogol Bordello
  • Reading: "Why People Believe Weird Things"-M. She
  • Watching: Com-pu-terr
  • Playing: Mind Games
  • Eating: Shrimp & Salad
  • Drinking: Water