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Vaerven - Elves

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In Vaerven elves are known as the "eternal folk" because of their most significant trait - they do not age at all. If elf isn't killed by disease, or by any violent means, he or she can live indevinitively - no other mortal species are known for such longevity except maybe half-fey or dragons, but these creatures aren't exactly mortal. In Samarshahr elves are also known as "peri", "pari" or "peirikhi".

Elves were first to establish an advanced society and forge a lasting empire, in fact many of present human institutions were inspired by elven example - sadly, it also includes invention of slavery. Albeit no longer at its heyday, elven Silvery Kingdom is still one of the three political superpowers, comparable only with Samarshahr or the Makranian Dominate.

As with any other empire, army is instrumental in keeping its status - and elves are no different.
Elven army is based around a core of standing army fielded and equipped at the expense of the seven Great Houses. In time of war this professional force is combined with levy troops recruited from free landowners.

Heavy infantry is king of the field, as typical tactic is deployng infantry in long shieldwalls, protecting archers, and harassing enemies with arrows to the point when they are shaken, and then finishing opponents with heavy infantry.
As elven archers are armored heavier than their foreign counterparts, they can be also used as a fighting reserves for heavy infantry. In fact, there is a kind of rotation in elven army - for one month soldier is serving with spear and shield, in the next one he/she is performing as an archer.
Cavalry do exists, and it's equipped not unlike heavy infantry, but its role is supplementary - usualy horsemen are used only for guarding flanks of formation and for driving back enemy cavalry.

Elves are ancient and proud species, but they are not above copying equipment from enemies - provided that its design is succesful. This is the case with archers equipment, as her greaves and quiver are clearly of orkish design.

Next installment: Scourge of The Steppes, the orks.
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Are the curiasses made of metal or leather? awesome job, I love late antiquity designs.
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SatapatisProfessional General Artist
Their cuirasses are based off of the 'Marmesse cuirass", so they would be made of bronze. Same goes for greaves, helmets and bracers.
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They look very tolkein to me, well done :D
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i can see bits and pieces of ancient military gear in there, loving it!
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SatapatisProfessional General Artist
Yes, personally I think that Antiquity is more suited as an inspiration for fantasy outfits than Medieval period, because it is more exotic. Ancient pieces are already ornate and very "fantasy", there is little need for tweaking designs.
Also, ancient outfits can be quite skimpy. It is an additional possibility for drawing certain characters. ;>
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haha looking forward to that;)
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