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Medium infantryman from the late hellenic period.
The thorakitai were present in almost any serious hellenic army.
This one is wearing the Seleucid emblem on his shield.
Since it is still unclear, if they were so called "imitation legionnaires", or "imitation liegionnaires" were different troops, he is equipped in compromise way.
Typically the thorakites would be wearing a bronze or iron helmet, a body armor, a sword and a large shield. He would be carrying a thrusting spear or a set of throwing spears and sometimes both of them.
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Very fine! Your style is deft and with a good care for detail. Nicely coloured, too.

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At any rate, splendid artworks! Evocative and detailed to boot. Have a nice day. :)
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So, they either copied Rome's armies stuff, of its where actualy ROme took design ideas... probably earlier, Etruscans couldnt have copied them, too early. Unless Rome reformed their soldiers's equipement in republique's days.
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It`s hard to tell. Roman design was inspired by samnite and iberian troops, while Greeks were pursuing conceptions of Iphicrates.
More than likely it was parallel evolution. Despiting similar equipment, greek thorakitai were used as an auxiliary formations, working with phalanxes, while roman legionnaires were main line-of-battle troops.
Probably when Greeks began flirting with roman style of fighting it was natural for them to use in such way similar equipped troops which they had already developed - namely thorakitai and thureophoroi.
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Yeah, and cultural diffusion with time.
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We can speculate about this for as long as we please, but the fact remains that often there is no way to be sure because:

1. Time travel is impossible

and 2. The lack of reliable evidence.
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SatapatisProfessional General Artist
This^. And we cannot be even sure if something like the "imitation legionnaires" really existed. There is the theory that this definition was invented by Roman writers who lacked words for Greek soldiers equipped in the way somewhat similar to the Romans.
But this combination of body armour with a large shield and heavy thrown missiles was quite common in antiquity. The Illyrians and the early hoplite Greeks fought in this way. It's possible that Greeks prior to late Roman republican period never tried fighting in the Roman way. This theory is as good as an another and probably we would be never sure.
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kosv01Professional Digital Artist
My kind of art for sure!!!

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orangehamsterStudent Digital Artist
beautiful colors.
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SatapatisProfessional General Artist
Thanks. I am a bit surprised that it came out so clean.
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