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Mein Name ist Manuel Rodriguez Rojas, meine Freunde nennen mich Satan, ich bin 3? Jahre, ich bin Anthropologalist, Mein Hobby ist Zeichnen, sowie gute Musik hören, fotografieren und zu lesen.

My name is Manuel Rodriguez Rojas, my friends call me Satan, Iam 3? years old, my profesion is Anthropologist, my hobby is to draw but also hear music, photoshooting and to read.

Mi nombre real es Manuel Rodriguez Rojas, mis amigos me dicen Satan, tengo 3? años, soy antropología, el dibujo es mi pasatiempo, asi como escuchar buena musica, sacar fotografia y leer.

Mon vrai nom est Manuel Rodriguez Rojas, mes amis m'appellent Satan, j'ai 3? ans, j’l'anthropologie, le dessin est ma passion, j'aime aussi écouter de la bonne musique, prendre des photos et lire.

PS: I had Twich but I never use it


Favourite Visual Artist
Todd Mcfalrlane, H.R Giger, Michel Langevin A.k.a Away and Vasily Grigorevich Perov
Favourite Movies
Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Back From the future, Vi Är Bäst
Favourite TV Shows
Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle, Patlabor, Dragon Ball, Digimon 01, Jojo´s Bizarres adventures
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sex Pistols, Voivod, Cathedral, etc, etc
Favourite Books
Also Sprach Zarathustra, Brave New World
Favourite Games
Duke Nukem, Quake III, Doom, Red Alert 2, Age Of Empires
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
My hands and mind
Every time I draw something, it is inevitable for me to remember my high-school-arts-teacher, Miss Julia, she always motivated me and told me that I should study art, which fortunately I did not do, but she saw in me, even though if At that time I did not draw so well, an untapped talent and a great desire to learn and create, aspects that I still keep in myself and in my relationship with art.
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A couple of days ago I was checking an old hard drive and among many inconsequential and useless things I found a small job that I did with a friend in my college days. This was the first "sketch" in a series of short stories that we collected orally from the elders of a small town.What we did was adapt them to a story format and make a little book that we never published in physical form So I decided to fix the stories a bit and also translate them into English to publish them here, I hope to be able to publish one story per week, starting tomorrow.
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This is the end my friend You lonesome end my friend This is the end The end for me and you... The last page of my sketchbook, a long journey and goodbye. Even so there is one more drawing to do, after that I will be inactive until I buy a new sketchbook, "Quarantine Times", maybe I'll publish some stuff in the meantime that I get a new one but I know it won't be that long. BTW :
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Merci Manuel, j'apprécie votre soutien, passez une bonne journée.:handshake:

same to you :):)

De nouveau merci bien pour le...

Mon lama en Argentine

et bonne journée a vous.

ahaha thanks for that albino llama :)

De rien, mais ce n'est pas le mien.:happybounce:

Oh, I see, well thanks anyway :)

Merci beaucoup pour les favoris, c'est très apprécié.:nod: