From Resources to Fractal Art #2

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Welcome to my new serie : "From Resources to Fractal Art".
What is really interesting in the fractal community, is the way deviants interact between each others to share their knowledge with tutorial or Parameters Pong (Sharing Parameters to tweak the main fractals).
Therefore, in this article I'm going to select a resource randomly and show you how to start from a tutorial to achieve a wonderful fractal.

This week, let's take a look at Fiery-Fire & SaTaNiA tutorial : Splits Elliptic Fractals
We were hanging in the #Aposhack,ponging some params and then a wonderful idea came to us ! What about explaining this simple technique to the deviants.
When we released this tutorial, we honestly didn't think it was going to be such a loved technique!
Some deviants even says : "It is a elliptic-splits mania on DA" :giggle:

This tutorial is a step by step one which gives you impressive results with a few variations!
Here's a lil' sample of what you can find in this category !

The masters 

Doorway to happiness by Fiery-Fire  Vision thing by Fiery-Fire Melting by SaTaNiA  Meet you at the Sun parade... by SaTaNiA

The students 

Refuge by typologic  Skyqueen's Jewels by plangkye  The Gathering by zy0rg  Spacelift by kr0mat1k  Welcome To The Machine by FracFx  House of Mirrors by Avalonwing  Absolute by mhss1992 Welcome to the Jungle by VickyM72  Souvenirs by Yuline   Fluffy Dreams by Anyzamarah Bleeding by lucid-light  Flower II by lucid-light  Explosion by Luc14n  Black Widow by Luc14n  Mosaic by MariHa5

If you want don't hesitate to try this technique, you only need time and patience :)
Don't hesitate to show us your results too in the comments below!

And if you're still reading me right now (first thanks :giggle:), don't hesitate to share your skills with the community, you will learn a lot's from their results !

Thank you and see you next week ! 

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It's an honour to be included and thanks for sharing your knowledge that helped me create it :hug: