From Resources to Fractal Art #1

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Hi deviants !

Welcome to my new series : "From Resources to Fractal Art".

What is really interesting in the fractal community, is the way deviants interact between each others to share their knowledge with tutorial or Parameters Pong (Sharing Parameters to tweak the main fractals).
Therefore, in this article I'm going to select a resource randomly and show you how to start from a tutorial to achieve a wonderful fractal.

This week, let's take a look at lindelokse tutorial : Apophysis 3D Blooms Tutorial

This tutorial is an evolution of her first tutorial about 2D blooms.
Since Chiara explained us how to create bloom a lot of deviants tweaked and had fun with this technique!
Here's a lil' sample of what you can find in this category !

The master 

Un Soffio Caldo by lindelokse  Queen of the Rain by lindelokse  Velvet Dew by lindelokse Eternal by lindelokse

The students 

Shamans Journey 111 by love1008  Margarita by Fiery-Fire  Just a Bloom by SuicideBySafetyPin 
A Tribute by SuicideBySafetyPin  Narcissus Apoflora by OutsideFate  Don't Scare The Fireflies by Anyzamarah 
Home Of The Air Fairies by Anyzamarah  Yvette by Fiery-Fire  Sparkle by obeyyourmaster
Baby Blue by moonhigh  Glass flower by thargor6  burning blossom by sewer-pancake
Rubies and Gold by The-Apparition  Flower Burst by karlajkitty  Blossom In A Star by Mynimi94
:thumb263166002: :thumb263495343:  Young At Heart by Lucy--C
Secret Santa: A Flower for Liuanta by GraphicLia  Fire blossoms - HDR render by thargor6  Cristal flower by hmn

And even I is a student ! :giggle:

If you want don't hesitate to try this technique, you only need time and patience :)
Don't hesitate to show us your results too in the comments below!

And if you're still reading me right now (first thanks :giggle:), don't hesitate to share your skills with the community, you will learn a lot's from their results !

Thank you and see you next week ! 

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:iconfacebooklikeplz: Wonderful way to start a new project. Wonderful feature  of Lindeloske beautiful work and that of those whom she has helped and you too have contributed gr8ly to the Fractal Community 
Thank YOU