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dA through the ages

By SaTaNiA
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dA through the ages

This is a manip of all dA version since dA is online !
Seven version and a lot's of evolution, for the love of our ART !
Definitively the V7 is my fav version so far, it's so sleek and it look so professional !
The super browse is simply the awesomeness in is pure form !

Now you can see that through the ages dA as really improve the way we can see our art and your art !


Edit : Thanks to ^Lilyas for pointing me a wrong version :)
Now it's all good :hug:
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I love how it goes from a basic blog site to a basic art site like fanart_center/furaffinity to an art site on their own.

V7 for the win!

10jskbuilder's avatar

I must be late, Version 8 for me.

IkaMusumeFan06's avatar

Please bring back the old

Midnight-Fox745's avatar
That's so cool to see how this page evolved. 
Especially now, seeing that soon Eclipse will take over. 
Aki-san24's avatar
I first found the site when it was still the version 6. That's when I also joined. God, seeing that version makes my chest hurt over all the countless good memories.
DarsyWolf's avatar
so many memories ;x;
think I discovered dA at version 4 (or 2 cuz the banner looks familiar) and joined at version 6
between that time I just scoured for dragon pictures. XD
Deleca-7755's avatar
I believe I joined during V7 but Idk lololol
at least around It cause I remember the old logo.
Markotxe's avatar

Very interesting !

HearseGurl's avatar
I hope one day we can see a brand new one of these. We aren't even in v7 anymore. Haha.

I still love this deviation to the moon and back! :heart: I have been on dA since 2001 and this account 2004 but man this is my fav deviation of all dA! :D
Username-91's avatar
I've been here since version 7.
GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar
i've been here since version 6

man dA has changed a lot over the years, huh :'D
dr12002610's avatar
Version 7 is the best!
Username-91's avatar
Version 7 was the best.
mogeko123yf's avatar
Woa........I joined when version 7 was up
BoffinBrain's avatar
I joined back when v4 was around. I think the current v7 is okay, but I still prefer many aspects of v6, such as having polls and DDs in the footer (v7 has practically no footer at all). I'd rather like to see DA go back to a mixture of light + dark brand colors in its design like v6, but keep the new gallery layouts vs. the old fashioned grid.
Erin95123's avatar
Wow, DA chanced a lot :wow:
SNlCKERS's avatar
Definitely preferred 7 :)
NE0-Adopts's avatar
I joined when Version 7 was up
BradSC's avatar
Lol, version 2's layout looks a bit like AnimationSource's layout :P

This is interesting, I've never seen the older versions before, it's strange to see how much this website has changed over the years. To be honest, version 7 is still my favourite, since this seems to be around the time I started using dA. It had that professional look and easy-to-use layout without straying too far from previous designs. I guess dA hasn't changed that much in the latest version, apart from things like the membership, browsing layout, and logo...

Yup, I'm one of those that preferred the old logo. I guess the new one isn't that ugly, but changing the thing that represents dA the most in terms of advertising/familiarity seems a bit... Unnecessary? I just don't understand why they needed to change it, especially after using the previous one all these years throughout all previous versions and establishing that brand just to knock it down.

I've also never been a member, and probably never will be, but I heard that membership went up by around £20 because of CORE. I don't know if this is true, but changing membership settings at all again seems a bit unnecessary. I also heard that dA needs the money, but apparently they cut a bunch of staff lately so why would they need so much extra money with a lower work force to pay? (Sorry if this info isn't true, I heard it from other deviants in a comments section.)

I miss the old dA, and I wish I had the chance to try the even older ones :( They look interesting, and so much different from today's dA.
Kida-neechan's avatar
I missed version 7 ;_______;
TheGoku7729's avatar
i only remember the v7 and v6 cause i havent been around here earlier
DrRainb0w's avatar
Wow I've already forgotten how version 7 looked like untill I saw this. :I
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