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Elliptic Flow

By SaTaNiA
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Elliptic Flow

This fractal is made with #Apophysis 7x15 (French version :la:)

Inspired by =n8iveattitude1, made with a classic split-elliptic pattern + spherical + bipolar.

I hope you will like it !

All comments are truly welcome and appreciate to make me improve my art and my skill.

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Hi SaTaniA,

I would really like to purchase this artwork off you! What is the best way to get into contact with you?

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I really love the colors and the textures you have incorporated into the art.  Additionally, it bodes well that the color combination of Turquoise and any shade of purple are HOT right now.  I love the organic flow....the name is very apt.   Overall, I find myself drawn to the brightest areas of the piece, which is great for establishing the focal point.  However, when I look at the piece as a whole, I have 2 (constructive, I hope) personal thoughts about it.  First of all, I find that the color fades into QUITE dark area as you move from the focal point to the edges.   I think the lack of really observable detail on the edges of the piece force one to redirect the eye back to the bright center.  In this way, the piece is a fantastic concept, but does not force the eye to encompass it all.  Secondly, the fractal nature is, of course, logically centered and symmetrical.  I wonder  (only wonder) if whether shifting the focal point out of the exact middle would help the eye travel, looking for differences in the patterns along the edges.  Shifting the focal point might also reinforce the organic sense one gets from this fractal.  Overall, though, I think it's a great piece.  It's on my favorites for when you are ready to sell...I might have to redecorate a room around it.   Heart 
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It's outstanding for the fact of being delicate in the colors and perfect in every detail. There are no shapes or light\shadow contrasts clashing with the rest. I'm impressed.
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Thanks a lot for this sweet comment :hug:
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This is amazing. Do you mind if I adapt this into a pattern and use it for my designs? All credit given of course. (:

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HOW DO YOU DO THIS? I would like to know so i can do the same thing. Im very much interested. Could you tell me.
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I've used (as state in my artist comments) the last *lindelokse tutorial :):la:
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This is amazing! I love the colors so much!
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Opps. Forgot to add this >
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This might be my favorite artwork from your gallery. :nod: Awesome work! :clap:
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No prob. It is very awesome. :nod:
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That's stunning!!
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wow!! i like the color and the flow... everything about it is beautiful :)
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Thank you so much :hug:
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You've been featured here: [link]

Have a great day!

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Thank you so much :dummy:
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