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Something interesting actually happened recently when I visited my parents house this year on xmas eve. Their house is very old (neighbours live not very close) and located on the countryside. We all sat in the living room in the evening watching TV, when suddenly all of us heard a big thump (like someone made a heavy jump on the the floor above us). We all looked up in the ceiling at the same direction were we heard the sound and then we discovered that one of the many candles in the hanging candelabra was not burning right. My mother went up to put out the flame and then afterwards something that sounded like few steps on the floor above us could be heard (as if someone was pleased with us quickly reacting to the fire hazard & therefore walked away). My mother don't believe in spirits, the paranormal or ghosts so we said it was probably just the wind shaking the house.
Haha drunk 'motes

And speaking of fire. This year I received this as a gift.
It's pretty KVLT! :abbath: 

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Xeno-Madness Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Reminds me when my sister saw an actual ghost on security camera at work, paranormal do exist alright. 0_0
satanen Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2018
Indeed. My father once saw a girl with old fashioned clothes walking barefoot on a snowy road in middle of the night. He said hi to her but she never looked at him or responded when she slowly walked by.(He said she walked almost in slowmotion). It's not the first time unexplained things like that happens. I've experienced plenty of paranormal things too. The unknown is very fascinating.
Xeno-Madness Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That's really spooky to hear, I have yet to see a ghost in my life time. I did hear though the old Melbourne jail had some kind of haunted activity there in which I wouldn't mind visiting to haha.
dead01 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The gift is one of those small "fireplaces" working on bio-fuel? :P 
satanen Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2018
Indeed. :)
No more freezing cold evenings.
Tigron666 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Hobbyist
So aside from that, how did the visit go overall?
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December 26, 2018