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Hey, all! Brag time again :D
This is the first time I take part of a contest here and I am one of the 25 semifinalists on Netease/Deviantart Onmyogy Contest. It was HUGE and there are a lot of excellent works, so I am a bit proud I was noticed. If I have to be honest I didn't overworked myself on it, so I feel lucky I was selected :)
Anyway, waiting for the finalists now. Good luck to all.

My entry:
Onmyoji Fanart by satanasov

All entries:…

Onmyoji Fan Art Contest Semi-finalistsCheck out the Semi-Finalists in the Onmyoji Fan Art Contest!
ContestWinnersSemi-FinalistsView Entries
13+ International

You were asked to celebrate the 92 playable characters of Onmyoji with Fan Art showcasing your favorite, and we received so many great pieces it was difficult narrowing them down!
After much deliberation, the 25 semi-finalists have been chosen by DeviantArt staff members and an Independent Judge. The semi-finalists outside o

DLC is out today. All made by our team in Bulgaria. I will post some concept art soon :)
To all of you cartoon fans - Samurai Jack's voice actor (Phil LaMar) just got interested in Angry Viking Press, (a publisher I work with for some time yet).
Suddenly the possibilities are endless!!
I am not usually bragging with my official job, but this time I am really glad of the result. Here is a trailer for the upcoming DLC on the upcoming ACC  :D
Most of the characters you see there are conceptarted by me :D:D I invented a word!

Поради зачестилите запитвания решихме да организираме курсове в сферата на 2D ентертейнмънт арта (концепт арт, комикси, анимация, сториборд, илюстрация, фотоманипулация )
Ако имате интерес или просто сте любопитни, може да прочетете повече тук:

А тук може да видите нагледни примери от нашите работи

Hey all.
After several years of obstacles and handicaps the game is back on track on KickStarter.
Check it out and back it if you like it. There are some cool features and arts (me included :P)

Legacy: The Card Game

Cheers :)
Hey, everyone :)
I found out this morning I've been officially included in one of the biggest international comiclopedias - Lambiek

Here is my page:…

Best :)
Only for bulgarians, sorry guys :)

Получих покана да водя часове по комикси в един от проектите на МОН.
Всеки който иска да се запише може да прочете за повече инфо по-долу:

Грозен Ент. обявява следните позиции за стажанти:

- Комикс художник
- 2Д аниматор
- 3Д аниматор

За да кандидатствате като студент, идете на

За да кандидатствате като ученик в практиките, обърнете внимание на директора на вашата гимназия, за да може той да подаде заявка от ваше име тук:

Уважаеми студенти и ученици, ако желаете да прочетете повече за провежданите стажантски практики за комикс художници, 2Д и 3Д аниматори - от GROZEN ENT. - последвайте линка към форума, в който ще проведем онлайн формата на стажа:…

Hey, all:)
AVP is on the market again with the new issue of Evil Diva and the first issue of SWIPE (hardcore sci-fi fans will like it, rated 16+)
You can order comics up to 3 months after they first list. So Even Evil Diva #1 can still be ordered through Diamond right now.
You can use these order codes at the comic shop:
Evil Diva # 1   STK526309
Evil Diva #2  STK613568
Swipe    STK613565
You can still order online from AVP, and they'll ship the books to you.
Or you can order from online comic shops like TFAW:…
Midtown comics:……
And My Comicshop:…

If you are patient enough next on the list is my Dragonlast :)
Hey, guys.
Legacy TCG is a project I took a significant part in.
It was a serious work for the last maybe 2 years and it is finally announced here:…

A lot of artists (some of them fellow deviants) took part in it too. As far as I know people like Jason Chan are about to participate some time soon.
Check it and support it if you like it.
Thanks :)
Angry Viking Press, is finally in DIAMOND PREVIEWS.
Page 235 of the Catalog, and page 14 of the order form book.

"Life can be heck if your a kid going to middle school. It can be even worse if you're a demon
who has uncontrollable urges to do good.  That's Diva's problem.  Thankfully she now has a
Magic wand that lets her do good with out her family finding out...
At least on the weekends, after home work is done."

$12.99 and 120 pages, so its a big heavy Trade Paper back/Graphic novel.

Check for details and images here:…


If you want an issue hurry up 'cuz there are just few left!
That is the question.
Angry Viking Press, is finally in DIAMOND PREVIEWS.
Page 235 of the Catalog, and page 14 of the order form book.

"Life can be heck if your a kid going to middle school. It can be even worse if you're a demon
who has uncontrollable urges to do good.  That's Diva's problem.  Thankfully she now has a
Magic wand that lets her do good with out her family finding out...
At least on the weekends, after home work is done."

$12.99 and 120 pages, so its a big heavy Trade Paper back/Graphic novel.

Check for details and images here:…


From the journal of Jason Canty (Owner of Angry Viking Press)

"Well I'm at the half way point. 21/20 days to go and just little over $6000 to my goal!  Now mind you the first $5700 was made by JUST ONE HUNDRED AND SIX people.  Only 106 got me half way. Just think if all 1349 watchers of mine put down $1-$20.  We have stuff from Andorozon, just added a Sachi pillow sheet for $55. Have the… Skunkworks 150-200 pg book for $18!

That and more here:…

And if you don't have an Amazon account we have a paypal page too:…

And if you do have An Amazon account but want more then one Item I will be more than willing to make custom Bundles for people who ask."

Cmon ppl!
A lot of great stuff there
Hey, all :)
My wife here started her personal website - :)
She is an illustrator, director, photographer, designer and it all comes to one thing she calls "montography".
( . )( . ) WARNING! ;P

Hey, everyone!
Angry Viking Press has started a Kickstarter project… part of which am I with one of my own comics - Dragonlast .
It is a very large initiative from Jason Canty, the owner of AVP, and it includes a huge amount of products like comics, toys, animated movies, games, all kind of interactions with the readers and the donators ... you name it.
Jason also has plans to secure one or two old licenses of comics and even an 80's cartoon if this breaks expectations.
Some of the most loved fellow deviants also take part in it with their own projects or like guest stars and like all it looks damn interesting (my personal favorites are J. Axer and Akasaka).
I myself am not very clear with the size of it so go check it yourself.
One of the coolest things for me is that there is an option the reader to propose a short story and characters for some of the comics as also see his/her own face as one of the characters (who in most cases will DIE IN EPIC DEATH eventually :D :D :D )

Aaaaaanyway, I hope you will go there and find something interesting for you.

Here is the link again:…

Thanks, people!
So my man W3rdbubble here made 2 new books with some fellow artists (some of which work for titles like Transformers, others are professional Japanese manga/hentai artists) about some sexy robots in a veeeeeeeery cool way:P
How come I learned about it last?
Anyway, you can buy them in a digital form here:……

If you need a paper copy you can send a note here ==>

EDIT: Link to the festival itself:

This year Leskovac school comics "Nikola Mitrović Kokan" operating within the Leskovac Cultural Centre will organize the event" Balkans festival of young comics creators" for the fourteenth time. The event will take place from 6th to 8th July 2012. in the premises of Leskovac Cultural Center, the National Museum of Leskovac and "Radoje Domanović" public library.

This year the festival will also be competitive, and the best in the categories of young comic artists, illustrator, comic strip writer and theoretician in the Balkans will receive plaques with the image of Nikola Mitrovic Kokan. Also, the second best in all four categories will also be awarded... There will be a Diploma for the best rookie, and there will also be an award for the contribution to the Serbian comic, whose winner will be the president of the three-member jury awarding the other prizes. The received works will be presented in the Gallery of Leskovac Cultural Center and their authors, the authors will receive letters of thanks for participation in the festival as well as the mention in the catalog that each participant will receive. As part of the event which will last three days, there will be several lectures, public class drawing in the lobby of the Leskovac Cultural Center, projections of animated films and documentaries, the promotion of several comic magazine (from the country and from abroad) and a book on comic books, as well as panel discussions, public interviews and round tables.

As for the propositions for participating in the competition, they are as follows: the term young author means those authors under thirty years of age, and all who meet this basic requirement are free to present their works to the jury in any of the four categories. The older authors may also exhibit their works, but they will not enter the competition for awards. In the category of illustration you can apply illustrations in color and black and white illustrations alsike. The comic scenarios and theoretical texts should be submitted typed. One can also submit a finished and completed comic that is based on a scenario. The pages doesn`t have to be from a complete comic, and one can participate with as many works as one likes.
This statement is therefore a call for participation to all young comics authors, comic schools and comics workshops operating in the Balkans; Leskovac school of comics will do our best to be the best possible host for all guests.

Important note: The works should be sent to the following address:

Leskovacka skola stripa 'Nikola Mitrovic Kokan "
Leskovacki Kulturni Centar
Trg Oslobodjenja 101
16000 Leskovac

no later than 25th June 2012. The originals are desirable, but it is possible to send high-quality copies and scans in 300 DPI at the address where it is also possible to get additional information.
So Angry Viking Press (part of which group am I) have their other face, called Sengoku Valkyrie who publish the kinky stuff :P
And here is the latest kink drawn by the popular here :iconanobu:
Read the details on the page below the image…

Hey, guys. Here is something interesting I was invited to take part in:…
This is a site where you can order skins for your laptops and phones.
There are a lot of interesting images so go check it out :)