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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Fiberglass masks
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Feb 17, 2015, 3:09:06 PM
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I was wondering if you could get the image of death on a full face motorcycle helmet
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they all are just awsome
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Just happened across one of your Four Horsemen masks which drew me to look through your gallery. You've got some beautiful & awesome stuff here. Kudos! May just have to look into buying one... if I could decide which one I wanted as there are a lot of good choices. How long does it take to create on of these (on average)?
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Hi my friend, and thank you !

I will need 1-2 days to cast and paint the mask you want. You can see them on my Etsy shop:…
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Those are just beautiful. I'll save up and try to figure out which one I want. Have you done Scorpion's entire costume or just the mask BTW?
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Thank you my friend !
I make masks only, for now.
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this is cool, but they don't feel too thematically linked. like war looks kinda appropriate, but I don't feel like they embody each all that well. The skill put into them is dope. Like the details and shit are awesome, but I think this just lacks a bit conceptually.
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Nobody knows how the horsemen have to looks like. This is how i see them.
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Dayum seeing al of em together like this just makes them look fucken even better
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These are really cool. One thing though, I do believe that it is conquest and not plague.
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Thank you !

The horsemen can be and  Pestilence. And Pestilence is Plague. 
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Spectacular, I love it!
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I was just wondering, why only Famine is brightly colored. This and the fact, that it looks more like a "real" face than a mask, sets it apart from the others.
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Thank you ! Well that pop into my head. Disfigured bloody face.
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Wow, you nailed this! Cheers sir!
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Wonderful work! Just saw 'death', the detailing in the helmet is remarkable!
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