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For all SatAM(Sonic the Hedgehog on ABC) fans who can share their love for this show.
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Sep 6, 2007


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Lupe by 14-bis
Sonic NG: Eliana Acorn by Harmony-Universes
Sonic NG: Maria by Harmony-Universes
Sonic NG: Rose Cosmo Prower by Harmony-Universes
Princess Sally Acorn
Sonic FF: Sally Acorn by Harmony-Universes
Sally Acorn and her Gravity-defying hair by WizardlyWalrusKing
Sally Acorn Sketch + Speedpaint by WizardlyWalrusKing
Summer's End Sally (Inks) by Art-of-Matthew
Rotor Walrus
Classic Mania World: Rotor the Walrus by FrostTheHobidon
IDW Design: Rotor the Walrus by FrostTheHobidon
Mobius: Rotor Walrus Colors Choice by FrostTheHobidon
Mobius: Rotor Walrus No Jacket Colors Choice by FrostTheHobidon
Antoine D'coolette
Post Apo AU  by ThermidorResistance
Classic Mania World: Antoine the Coyote by FrostTheHobidon
Halloween 2018 by ThermidorResistance
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Lupe, the leader of the wolf pack
Let's Get Ready For Battle by DarkCatTheKhajjit
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Unexpected by thedragonlover95
Darien vs Zan by thedragonlover95
Friends than Mates by thedragonlover95
SatAM group cast
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Sally + Bunnie - Sonic Advance 3 Character Select by Ardan-Norgate
Dance by ThermidorResistance
Sonic SatAM: Freedom Fighters In 25 Years by dwaters220
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Character Builder- Selene the Gecko by legoland1085
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Busty Sally Acorn (pixel art) by SuperHyperSonic2000
Real life SatAM characters
SD Live Promo 05/05/17 - ''Welcoming the Rookies'' by Chairman-of-VCWE
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Hurt by ThermidorResistance
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CE: Kitty Bobowski. by DarkCatTheKhajjit
Witchcarters Fan Stamp by 4xEyes1987


There Can Be Only One... by TheGraphicNovelist There Can Be Only One... :iconthegraphicnovelist:TheGraphicNovelist 117 3
Let's give Sally a REAL Mary Sue test.
So it has all come to this.
The future of the SATAM characters are in question, yet there are still arguments over Sally Acorn. There seems to still be haters out there that call her a Mary Sue.
Despite the fact that we are currently in a time were mainstream audiences now know what a Mary Sue really is
...Thank you Kathleen Kennedy.
Anyway, the time has come to do something that I have been meaning to do for a very long time.
After seeing that rediculusly long Mary Sue test that was biasly overviewed by KrissyBKillin
You know, this thing...
I am going to Give Princess Sally Acorn a REAL Mary Sue test.
One that doesn't go on for an eternity on how a character looks or position in high school and doesn't have a scoring system that is headache inducing.
And most important of all, It will be overviewed by someone who read just about every issue in the Archie Sonic series and was not exposed to the Sonic franchise at an impr
:iconshanahat:ShanahaT 47 106
Sonic the Hedgehog #1 (Archie Var.) by ThatOtherGuy19 Sonic the Hedgehog #1 (Archie Var.) :iconthatotherguy19:ThatOtherGuy19 29 11 Sonic Satam fan remake episode by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART Sonic Satam fan remake episode :iconkevin-k-deviantart:KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART 17 8 Sonic Satam Remake by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART Sonic Satam Remake :iconkevin-k-deviantart:KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART 24 13 The Freedom Fighters by SkyPirateDash The Freedom Fighters :iconskypiratedash:SkyPirateDash 1,686 374 Episode 2 Sneak Peak by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART Episode 2 Sneak Peak :iconkevin-k-deviantart:KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART 18 10 Sally and Fiona Mobotropolis by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART Sally and Fiona Mobotropolis :iconkevin-k-deviantart:KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART 56 14 Animated cartoon by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART Animated cartoon :iconkevin-k-deviantart:KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART 32 12 sonic satam winter by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART sonic satam winter :iconkevin-k-deviantart:KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART 17 1 Sonic Death Stare by rubbe Sonic Death Stare :iconrubbe:rubbe 49 29 Saaanik by rubbe Saaanik :iconrubbe:rubbe 48 14 Genesis does what Nintendon't by rubbe Genesis does what Nintendon't :iconrubbe:rubbe 47 12 Robotnik  fez by rubbe Robotnik fez :iconrubbe:rubbe 84 21 What the fuck is a Sonic by rubbe What the fuck is a Sonic :iconrubbe:rubbe 112 69 nipples the enchilada by rubbe nipples the enchilada :iconrubbe:rubbe 257 100

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Sonic Freedom Fighters: The Musical Live In Sydney Made For Sonic Freedom Fighters Made For Nintendo Capcom Disney Sega and Lauren Faust Takes Place In Sydney Australia
Pilot: Sonic and The Others Go To Sydney Australia To Stop Robotnik From Taking Over Australia
Main Good Guys
Sonic the Hedgehog: Johnny Yong Bosch (Singing: Sam Vincent)
Rainbow Dash: Ashleigh Ball
Miles 'Tails' Prower: Benjamin Diskin (Singing Voice: E.G. Daily)
Knuckles The Echidna: Scott McNeil (Singing: Brad Hawkins)
Amy Rose: Laura Bailey (Singing: Emmy Rossum)
Cream: Jessica DiCicco (Singing: Dove Cameron)
Sally Acorn: Kath Souice (Sinigng: Britt Mckillip)
Bunnie: Cristine Cavenaugh (Singing: Asleigh Ball)
Blaze: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Silver: Todd Habberkorn (Singing Voice: Vic Mignogna)
Shadow: Vic Mignogna (Singing Voice: Seth Green)
Rouge: Jamie Marchi (Singing Voice: Jessica DiCicco)
Antoine: Rob Paulsen
Sonia: Cherami Leigh
Manic: Bryce Papenbrook
Mina: Ashley Johnson
Jet: David Boreanaz
Roll: Monica Rial
Mickey: Brett Iwan
Main Villans
Dr Ivo Robotnik: Jim Cummings
Snivley Robotnik: Charlie Adler
Scratch and Dragon Breath: Phill Hayes
Grounder and Skweel: Garry Chalk
Coconuts: Ian James Corlette
Sleet: Maurice Lamarche
Dingo: Peter Wilds
Sir F-Fuzzy Logic: Eric Stuart
1. (Opening Music)
2.… (Performed By Sonic and Repise)
3.… (Performed By Tails)
4.… (Performed By Knuckles)
5.… (Performed By Amy Rose)
6.… (Performed By Sally Acorn)
7.… (Performed By Bunnie Rabbot)
8.… (Performed By Cream The Rabbit)
9.… (Performed By Shadow The Hedgehog)
10.… (Performed By Rouge The Bat)
11.… (Performed By Dr Ivo Robotnik)
12.… (Performed By Silver The Hedgehog)
13.… (Performed By Sally Acorn)
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I hate to complain, but I don't think it's a good idea for the club to be accepting "Anti-Ian Flynn," or anti-Archie/IDW propoganda. It's kinda making the club look biased, and frankly if it wasn't for Ian Flynn they would've gotten rid of the SatA.M. characters in the Archie 2013 reboot.

Like that one journal article some random guy made claiming Ian Flynn "banned the term Mobian" is false, (several people even tried to tell the author of it this, but he won't listen, and is very biased) and I don't think that kinda false information should be spread by this club.

I don't think Ian is a perfect writer, but I enjoy his works, and he's a SatA.M. fan too, so I don't think slandering him, or Archie is a good idea. It might also turn away Archie or IDW fans from the club.
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