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Lion in Zion

By saswata
🦁 Lion ♌︎ from the Garden of Eden (GN ODN, גן עדן) or Tzion (ציון), or Siṁhapura (सिंहपुर)? Pencil drawing with hardness/softness ‘F’, from 1996. The hole in the paper was there before I started drawing. It took half a year, from summer to winter.
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doaivu's avatar
helt rått:) liker hvordan håret flyter oppe ved ørene^^
roguewyndwalker's avatar
What did you use to erase all those fine lines? A Typewrite eraser??
saswata's avatar
I didn't erase anything. I simply didn't draw the fine lines, but only the shadows next to them. The fine lines are the empty spaces, where the paper is untouched by the pencil.
LindaColijn's avatar
Great work! Why dont you have more drawing in your gallery? You're very talented. I love the scar on his nose. It gives him personality.
saswata's avatar
I don't have much sparetime after work. It's a stupid job, soldering circuit cards. Therefore I can't make any drawings. I do everything very slowly, you see.
LindaColijn's avatar
I understand. I dont do drawings every day either. Mostly because of time shortage, like you. But sometimes because of no inspiration. But you are great at drawing! Dont give up your talent!
maiziedog's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! You used only F? Wow, just one pencil! Beautiful job! :clap: :wow:
saswata's avatar
Yes, only F! It took me half a year though, including many long breaks. :pencil:
maiziedog's avatar
Wow, I bet! It's gorgeous!
greenfroggies's avatar
I know how hard those white details are and you did them all so beautifully :+fav:
mlfan's avatar
Awesome work! The detail is incredible and all the markings on his face give him real character.
kireinabara's avatar
That is positivly amazing. The expression, the shading and detail.. Great job.
Melindotty's avatar
thats amazing! especially the shading and highlights of the main up top. It reminds me of Aslan.
katat0nik's avatar
A M A Z I N G ! :wow:
:jawdrop: wow...what a piece! :omfg: the just....:faint:
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