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Charming and chaste the chief of the Chair
Hallows the heated hearth with Her hymns.
Azure like the arch of the sky there’s a flare.
Nimbly She preaches; and never condemns:
Dispelling the desire for any worldly affair.
Readily the pure at heart hears Her omens,
And abrogates across the Abyss of despair.
This is an acrostic poem. The contents are symbols from Yoga, Qabalah, Taoism & cetera. This poem particularly pertains to Trumps 2, 14 and maybe 5 and 17. Remember to read ‘heated hearth’, not ‘heart’, though there could be a double meaning.
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Hmm. It's interesting to know that in major world, term 'chandra' usually refers to female.
Actually, in my country Indonesia, it's a common name for a boy, I don't really know how the linguistic process developed here. Hehe.

Overall, it's a touching poem.