Remember the Angel?

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Remember the angel that wiped your tears and made you brightly smile?
You always told her to let you be; you were always in denial.

Remember the angel that sang you to sleep and played with your hair?
You never cared to have her near you, though that smile was still there

Remember the angel that waited for you, the one who waited countless hours?
You never seemed to even notice, I guess that was your power

Remember the angel that saved your life, risking also her own?
You ran away and left her there, you left her there alone

Remember the angel that fell from heaven, only to be with you?
You marked her with your sin and made her feel brand new

Remember the angel with crystal eyes and long white hair let down?
You see how she feels alone; do you see that awful frown?

Remember the angel, please remember her now, can't you feel her love?
All of that was only for you , sent from above

Remember the angel, don't you remember the angel, because the angel here is me!
And all that's left of that angel is her love for you in her memory…

Another quick poem that was inspired by pure feelings. x.o Sometimes I don't even know what I mean when I write on pure feelings. They surprise you..

.... remember the angel...

By :iconsasurealian:

© 2012 - 2021 Sasurealian
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its so beautiful..
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It made me think of mothers, and what they give for their children...

I see that this probably wasn't the original meaning of the poem, though.
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This is a touching poem, and I can relate to it personally... it really made me stop and remember that angel that who has changed my life.
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This poem makes me wish there were a smiling through the tears emoji because this:😂 doesn't exactly convey how I'm feeling.
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A fantasic picture!
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Pure Feelings is where the purest of words can come to light. I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing :)
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Really, I love this poem.  It's beautiful.
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Aww thank you ^^
WhiteHeartFlame's avatar
You're welcome.  ^_^
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awww no tears ;;
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So touching... truly beautiful.
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That was really pretty:) I loved it
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thank you ;; <333
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What a wonderful poem , so beautiful :D
It made me cry and smile at the same time :D :cries:
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Awww I am glad you liked it ;-;
mrs-antichrist's avatar
Hehe , you're welcome :D
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