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PokeRen - James


Finally posting my app for :iconpoke-ren:!
Artwork provided by DeathByChopsticks Thank you bby!

❝  J  a m e s  D e C o l l o ❞

Age: 23
Pokemon: Murkrow
Ability: Super Luck
Town of Residence: Opalshire

❝  P e r s o n a l i t y ❞

Big lil shit. Charmer. Heart of Gold. Tease. Honest.


  • Shiny Things

  • Naps under the sun

  • His flock

  • Doing his part

  • Playful teasing


  • Pity

  • Taking advantage of less fortunate

  • When people disrespect Gavin

  • When people are rude to any of his flock

  • There’s more, but he’s not usually inclined to say

❝  H i s t o r y ❞

After his parents tragically lost their lives little James didn’t like the way the adults around him began treating him. Looking down at him with pitying eyes, giving him things without letting him pay or earn them, dismissing any bad behavior as him grieving. It was only a few weeks later that he, young as he was, abandoned the estate himself.

He did his best to survive on his own, helping folks with what little tasks he could do in exchange for food or coin. But things weren’t always easy. There were many nights he sought out shelter just to pass out from hunger. Out of desperation, rather than return to the life he left behind, he turned to thieving. Never taking from those who he felt couldn’t spare it, James focused on picking from the pockets of well off nobles- some of which he recognized. They’d hardly miss a few coins from their pouches.

Not long after, James met a man who, unbeknownst to the boy, would later become a father figure to him. From afar, he’d watch with wide eyes as the man would swipe single pieces of produce, meat, and baked goods from market stalls with ease, never once getting caught. For days he observed the man’s skills, completely unaware that the man was purposefully grooming him. James learned quickly, picking up more than a few tricks from watching the man and life got a bit easier for the boy.

Despite this, it wasn’t long until he was caught red handed and turned over to the townsguard. With no other options, they returned him to his estate with a warning. He fled only a few days later, taking with him his father’s crossbow and his mother’s hat.

On his way back to his most recent hideout, he came across a small group of murkrow attacking one of their own. A good opportunity as any to try his hand at his father’s crossbow, James loaded Order Overseer (a name he always thought was an over-rated mouthful), took aim and fired. The bolt missed all but one, cutting deep into its beak. The injury drove it and the others away, leaving the battered crow behind. Looking down at the bird, he was torn. He knew how nature worked. The thing wouldn’t last the night on its own. But it went against him to pity it. For all he knew it deserved to be laying there in a heap of broken feathers. He was about to turn away when it let out a cry; a call for attention. From beneath its wing, it thrust a single gem at him. The two shared a look of understanding and James returned to his hideout with the murkrow cradled in his arms and the gem in his pocket.

The two became thick as thieves after the murkrow recovered.

Years later James and his companion were taken by surprise when an entire flock of murkrow cornered and attacked them. James quickly ran out of bolts for Seer and the  two were outnumbered. Through the birds came a honchkrow with a deep scar through its beak. As the flock focused on keeping James down, the honchrow made its way to his crow, bent forward and, in one precise motion, slashed open the defenseless murkrow’s throat. Satisfied with its work, the honckrow let out a loud cry and took to the sky, the flock quickly following after. A battered and bleeding James knelt before his dying friend. He knew how nature worked. His precious crow wouldn’t last the night. However, he wasn’t torn. And the two fused.

For the price of its life, his murkrow would have its revenge.

James retrieved a single bolt from the downed body of one of the flock and stretched his new wings, haphazardly taking off after the murkrow that had attacked him. Though flying was entirely new to him, he was determined. As luck would have it, the flock had perched not far off and he landed roughly, calling out his arrival. More than a dozen feathered heads turned to focus on him as he righted himself and spotted the honchkrow. As he aimed Seer, he realized the honchkrow was the same murkrow he’d missed the first time he’d ever fired it years ago. A pity, he thought to himself. His aim was so much better now. Pulling the trigger, his single bolt whizzed through the air, striking the killer bird deep in its chest. It fell from its perch with a cry and James prepared himself for the inevitable onslaught by the flock. When it didn’t come he took flight, wasting no time in putting distance between himself and the birds.

❝  E x t r a ❞

He only really has three precious items he carries on him at all times.

His belt buckle is actually an amulet that charms his wings so they basically shrink when he’s not using them. It is the first of the items.

The crossbow he carries, Order Overseer, was his father’s weapon of choice. He prefers to call it Seer nowadays. It is the second of the items.

The hat he always wears once sat atop his mother’s head. It was her favorite and now it is his own. It is the final item.

Rumor has it things tend to go well for James, even when he’s in a bind. Some have claimed he was born under a lucky star. He insists they are only pleasant coincidences.

Scripts:  -none atm-
Items Purchased: -none atm-

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This is some good shit, good shit man just such good shit 
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Awww this story tho
Welcome, feathered friend, to the birdie boy club! :D