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Heroes(and villains) in disguise,ep 3
Anwyn and Red: PictishWarlord13 
?????? and ?????,Winter Schnee RWBY:RoosterTeeth
Josh and Charlene: Sasuke-sama28 
Noctis Lucis Caelum and Prompto Argentum.FFXV: Square Enix
Anwyn and her brother Red just made it and registered for Multicon. The two siblings could not enjoy the con.Well...Red wanted to.Anwyn had other things that kept her interested. She kept stairing at a cosplayer dressed as Winter Schnee from RWBY.
"Hey cutie..." she whispered. "Winter" looked at her like she was insane. Red caught her. "Stop doing that! We gotta keep a low profile!"
"I can't help it Ru...I mean Red!' spat Anwyn. "How about we head back to the hotel? " she asked. 
Red rolled his eyes. "Fine, it's getting late anyway."
The siblings headed back to their hotel.
Once in the safety and confort of their own room, Anwyn crashed on the bed while her brother closed the curtains and switched the lights of th
:iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 5 2
Secret identities complete(trade) by Sasuke-sama28 Secret identities complete(trade) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 8 0 Secret identities3(trade) by Sasuke-sama28 Secret identities3(trade) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 7 0 Secret identities2(trade) by Sasuke-sama28 Secret identities2(trade) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 7 0 Secret identities 1(trade) by Sasuke-sama28 Secret identities 1(trade) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 5 0
Converted to steel(Trade)
Disclaimer:Veronica,Miki, Stacie and Kaysha:DannimonDesigns
Cybermen/Cyberwoman, Doctor Who: BBC
Stacie just started to regained conciousness. The last thing she remembered was being at home after returning from the Digital world. The last thing she remembered was heading to bed, before everything went black.
Now that she woke up, the girl looked around. She wasn't in her room anymore. Her Digivice and partner Digimon Lilymon were also missing,
She started to panic,until she heard a familiar voice.
"Stacie, is that you?"
Stacie turned. She saw three familiar but friendly figures:Veronica, Mishi and Kaysha. Much like her, their Digimon partners were also missing.
"They took you as well?" Kaysha asked.
"Yeah." Stacie replied, looking down.
"Is it me or this is starting to look like in those Dr Who episodes I watched." said Kaysha.
The door suddently opened and two robots that Kaysha regonised came out in the room.
"Cybermen? This confirms it!' sai
:iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 2 0
The new prince(Noctis FTM TF/TG)
Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, Gladiolus,Gentiana Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix
Roxie Harmonium: Sasuke-sama28 
It's been a month since the fall of Insomnia at the hands of the Niflheim empire. Fortunately, archeologist Roxie Harmonium was out of town when it happened. With the job she had, there was no rest. None of her jobs to find rare and ancient items were as dangerous or risky as her latest.
She met a mysterious black haired woman, claiming to be the attendant to the thought to be deceased princess and Oracle of Tenebrae Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. She had to find one of the 13 Royal arms, belonging to the past kings of Lucis. Something about helping Prince Noctis gathering them before the Niflheim empire does. 
The Royal arm she had to get was the sword of the Tall. The Tomb where it was hidden was located south east of Duscae.
Why did they need her to find a single Royal arm? Wasn't it Prince Noctis's job? Or was she ther
:iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 12 1
The rookie's new clothes.(KH/FFXV/TI cross)
Kingdom Hearts: Square enix/Disney
Noctis Lucis Caelum, Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum,Gladiolus and Iris Amiticia Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix
Edna"E" Mode The Incredibles/Incredibles 2: Pixar/Disney
Note :This story feature characters and concepts that I wish would be in the third KH or future installments of the series. 
A group of four young men stopped in front of a clothing store which was located in the center of the town of Radiant Garden.
"Sure this is the place?" asked a 20 year old young man with messy black hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in black but his outfit had a regal feel to it. After all he was of royal blood. Noctis Lucis Caelum, son of Regis Lucis Caelum, the 13th king of Lucis in the land of Eos.
He was to be the future king as he father was killed by the Niflheim empire. Unfortunately his world is gone, devoured by the Heartless, creatures even more worse then the Deamons. As it happened, for some od
:iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 1 0
The snake's new heir( Mitsuki TF/AR) (Gift)
Matt: A-C-Crowley 
Orochimaru, Mitsuki Naruto/Boruto: Massashi Kishimoto
It was a hard day at work for Matt. Like every work day, it was the old routine, filled with pain and stress. was the end of the day. Matt headed to the bus stop on his way back home, where he could rest. Yes, it would be temporary for tomorrow he would go back to work for another stressful day but he only thought about tonight and nothing more.
Near the bus stop, he noticed something that wasn't there before: a tea shop.
He remembered that the place was vacant yesterday. How could a tea shop open so fast and without warning?
He decided to check it out. "A cup a tea won't hurt." he said to himself. He went inside the shop.
The tea shop was small but it was beautifully decorated. It was peaceful and quiet. Matt sudently felt calm. The stress was gone. "Welcome." said an oddly familiar voice. Matt
:iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 2 2
Tamer Iris Amicitia by Sasuke-sama28 Tamer Iris Amicitia :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 4 0 Tamer Cindy Aurum by Sasuke-sama28 Tamer Cindy Aurum :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 3 0
Twinned and Chosen (Twinning contest entry)
Noctis,Prompto,Ignis, Gladiolus:Final Fantasy XV:Square Enix
Lucy and Tabitha Carlson: Sasuke-sama28 
This is my entry for the Twinning contest, Non MC category.
Lucy and Tabbitha had a rough day. Lucy at work and Tabby at school. Fortunatly, it was the weekend and they could both relax. They decided to do a gaming night. Lucy had ordered pizza. They decided to play their favorite game: Final Fantasy XV.
As Lucy putted the disk in the console and the game loaded, all was normal...until a window popped out on the title screen.
It was about a new update that would allow them to interact with the game even more.
"That was weird..." said Lucy as she took a bite of her pizza. "I didn't log the PS4 on the Internet right now." 
"That might be interesting!" said Tabitha as she grabbed the controller and selected "Yes."
"Wait! We don't know if it could infect...." said Lucy.
It was too late. The screen changed to th
:iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 5 7
Tamer Lunafreya(Final Fantasy XV) by Sasuke-sama28 Tamer Lunafreya(Final Fantasy XV) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 5 0 Tamer Prompto ver 2 by Sasuke-sama28 Tamer Prompto ver 2 :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 3 0 Tamer Gladiolus(FFXV) by Sasuke-sama28 Tamer Gladiolus(FFXV) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 5 0 Tamer Ignis(Final Fantasy XV) by Sasuke-sama28 Tamer Ignis(Final Fantasy XV) :iconsasuke-sama28:Sasuke-sama28 5 1


Catching Leviathan by DarkChibiShadow Catching Leviathan :icondarkchibishadow:DarkChibiShadow 5 0 Chocobos~ by Baka-chanLove Chocobos~ :iconbaka-chanlove:Baka-chanLove 81 12 Lunafreya Nox Fleuret by WayTooEmily Lunafreya Nox Fleuret :iconwaytooemily:WayTooEmily 21 6 Noctis Lucis Caelum by WayTooEmily Noctis Lucis Caelum :iconwaytooemily:WayTooEmily 13 2 Request #2481 Selphie, meet Selfie by MichaelJordy Request #2481 Selphie, meet Selfie :iconmichaeljordy:MichaelJordy 9 6 Request #2475 Yuna joins Dissidia by MichaelJordy Request #2475 Yuna joins Dissidia :iconmichaeljordy:MichaelJordy 10 9 43 Zell to  LeMillion by Imbriaart 43 Zell to LeMillion :iconimbriaart:Imbriaart 11 2 Lost Insomnia by catandcrown Lost Insomnia :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 142 3 The Dove by ShimiMouse The Dove :iconshimimouse:ShimiMouse 2 0 Lion's cub by ShimiMouse Lion's cub :iconshimimouse:ShimiMouse 1 0 Bang Bang by goldenthyme Bang Bang :icongoldenthyme:goldenthyme 11 0 Prompto .:Final Fantasy XV:. by Heros-shade Prompto .:Final Fantasy XV:. :iconheros-shade:Heros-shade 10 1 Request #2471 A neato car outta nowhere by MichaelJordy Request #2471 A neato car outta nowhere :iconmichaeljordy:MichaelJordy 7 4 [REQ] Breather by PortraitRose [REQ] Breather :iconportraitrose:PortraitRose 9 10
Mature content
Costume in A Can- Like a Fantasy :icontransformationguy365:transformationguy365 3 1



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