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sketchCom Banner by SasuArt-SW

I planned to make a commission journal since a long time ago.
'Cause I had some fun with sketching last night I decided to start the party now :D
But I will only take sketch commissions at furst, because I have really less time at the moment. D:

Portrait/half body: 18,-  $

(see examples above)

Fullbody: 25,- $

Extra character: + 10,- $

You will get a printable TIF-file in A4, 300 DPI
It's also possible to send you the original pencil-sketch via mail (+ 5,- $ for uninsured shipping)

Payment: Paypal

What I don't draw:
  • hardcore pornography/extreme violence
  • furry/anthro
  • shota/loli etc.
  • too much technical stuff like complex mechas ('cause I'm not good at it D:

If you're interested, just send me a note with a short descrioption and (if possible) pictures of your character.
You can also send me a note or write a comment on this journal if you have any questions.

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Since some time I wanted to make a journal feature, but I couldn't neither decide for a topic nor for the most beautiful artworks I've seen so far. I also don't want to put every deviation of my favorite list in this journal. Therefore I started a forum thread and asked you to show me your or other artists best works.
Actually I just wanted to select the best 10 deviations/artists, but this was also quite hard. To make a compromise you can find some more awesome artworks below. :D

Treasure by fridouw Goldfish geisha by fridouw by :iconfridouw:

Mental Breakdown by norlyjoy  Crossover: Summoner's war/League of Legends by norlyjoy by :iconnorlyjoy:

AT: Sovereign by Fisukenka UnderDestruction by Fisukenka by :iconfisukenka:

T-Recks 3D Print by Dudeman95 Teras by Dudeman95 by :icondudeman95:

Kemonomimi by CoFon  Little House on the valley by CoFon  Frontier world by CoFon  by :iconcofon:

Abandoned Lighthouse by da-hazard by :iconda-hazard:
Game Grumps Community Celebration Artbook by allisonhowle The Night is Dark... by allisonhowle USDF Contest Entry - Half Pass by allisonhowle by :iconallisonhowle:

 Pisces by memetzger by :iconmemetzger:

by :icondnimll:

significance by sbeeart   escape to the wild by sbeeart  forrest by sbeeart by :iconsbeeart:

Special feature:

Lost in thoughts by DoveStationHaunted by memories by DoveStation by :icondovestation:

She is doing beautiful and soft colorations and is a very kind person. Please check out her gallery! :heart:

Some more wonderful artworks:

Stuff 4 by WiSiHe Leave Behind by Jerikcho00 Zombie Cup --- Super Black Coffee edition by djyerba Tinkerbell by SK-Vela Jake the snake by kainthebest Pokemon Gijinka - Jirachi - The Wish Master by Hellknight10 Woman by DPasschier Space Mermaid by mio-mio Crimson Bond 5 | ReMASTERED by codeslacker Hollowoods Cover Thingy by Inky-Shade Key Visual #2 by SECONDARY-TARGET Grassland by nicetsukichi Mechanical Room by nicetsukichi Forest Spirit by RHADS Liquid Rose by AiiBee Marguerite by Psycadela Micah by DistrictAliens not alone by skipwr3ck

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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 
9 years...I'm old...

2. What does your username mean?
It means "singing of the crow". Why this name? Because it sounds nice "xD.
Besides that one of my charactersis a birdlike human and when he's singing...things happen...(I'm a master in writing descriptions haha)

3. Describe yourself in three words.
clumsy - open-minded - friendly

4. Are you left or right handed?
right handed

5. What was your first deviation?
dArK foResT by SasuArt-SW
*runs away*

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Mostly digital paintings

7 If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I would like to improve my skills in 3D. But at first I have to get better in 2D.

8. What was your first favourite?
  HIP BOY by HonoLuLu

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Digital and traditional drawings/paintings

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
phew, there are a lot. Some examples
:iconloish: :iconlen-yan: :iconjo-chen: :iconcharlie-bowater: :iconjanaschi: :iconsaimain: :iconhamletmachine: :icondocwendigo: :iconkiyumiyu: :icondjamilaknopf:

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
The artists I listed above.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
There isn't really a special person. I rather have to thank everyone who encouraged me and gave me helpful feedback. :D

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Wacom Intuos 4, PS CS6, Clip Studio Paint

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My place and the train/subway (to study people and sketch them is fun : D)

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
When I came back to deviantArt after a longer time (around 2-3 years) of being unable to create/post art - and i noticed, that there are people who like my work. It really encouraged me to draw and share more. THANK YOU!

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Hi guys,

while I'm on vacation, I thought I should give it a try. I hope it will also help to stop me from checking the internet every 5 minutes (thanks to my paranoia of possibly being watched) |D

So if you want to see my failure in drawing linearts/proper sketches, just click the link below (unfortunately without music, because...I'm a noob...) :D

Picarto Livestream

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Comment and I will...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of. 

3. Tell you an element I think you belong to (eg: water, fire, earth, air, etc.)

4. Tell you what character you remind me of. 

5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 

6. Tell you something that I like about you. 

7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 

8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 

9. Guess your gender. 

10. Tell you to put this on your journal

Took this from tinselswan 

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