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Oh my, I'm totally into Yuri on ice these days. I love the characters, animation and the relationship between Yuri and Victor (although there could be a bit less fanservice “xD).
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wonderful picture. I really like their faces <3 Well done.
I also started watching the show and i really like the relationship between them too :) And this musik <3
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Thank you!!!!!! <3
Diese Serie macht mich nervlich so fertig. Hatte ich lange nicht..bzw eigentlich noch nie xD.
Jaaaa die Musik ist echt gut :3. Ich brauch den Soundtrack xD
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OMGGGG!!! la in love SO YOU'RE INTO YURI ON ICE HELL TOO!!! :woohoo: I'M SO HAPPY!! excited happy 

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE IT!! Squee! Heart Love  They both look beautiful and so loving to each other! Excited Blush I love the textures you used, the red gives such a passionate vibe to the picture! :love: I'm happy to see a new piece from you, missed your art a lot! :hug:

I love all the fanservice, so I enjoy it a lot! :eyes: This anime is amazing in all kind of ways! :la: :heart:
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YES, I'm totally into it...and into Victuri XDDD
I can really emphatize with Yuri. He's so me, when I have the chance to talk with an artist I admire pahahaha. XD
And Victor is so...for some time I thought he could be asexual, but now after watching episode 6...
...what the hell?!?!??!?! that was sex on ice!!!!! XD
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Victuri is the best!! :la: :heart:

Hahaha, it never happened to me but I think I could react in similar ways if I get to meet an artist I admire! :D Ahh, Victor is so... HOT AND PERFECT! Oh asexual?? That wasn't the first impression he gave me at all lol! :XD: I think asexual people wouldn't be able to behave in such a "sensual" way, but I don't know much about that. I have a theory that he might be bisexual, because he has talked about having had several girlfriends, and has no problems offering himself to be Yuri's boyfriend! :love: I think he's very open-minded about love. :love:

HAHAHAHA LOLOL I haven't seen ep 6 yet, will do it right now!! :la: But that's why they call this show "Yaoi on Ice". :eyes: Things are getting hotter and sexier each episode!! I LOVE IT!!!! Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] 
SasuArt-SW's avatar
That asexual thing wasn't my first impression, too. But after..idk ep. 4 or 5 i thought “he is so passionated because of the sport, it's all just for the show and to motivate yuri. Plus he's such an overacting “kawaii-diva“. There can't be any sexual relationship.“ xD
To be asexual doesn't mean, that you can't be a romantic person or that you never think about sex. It's don't have fun with having sex or don't want to have sex with another person (just as an example. There are way more types).
....and then I saw ep. 6. Oh I think they already banged xDDD very often! XDDD (sorry for using such words xD)
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Ooooh I see, I didn't know much about asexuality, so thanks for explaining! :wow:

LOL OMG ep 6 was EPIC! :D Lots of sexy things happened! Now I understand why you said the "sex on ice" thing. :XD: I liked Christoph performance, it was very erotic! :heart: But naaah, I think Yuri is not on that level yet (the sex level), though I wouldn't mind watching the Victuri smexy times!! :eyes: :heart: 
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nawwwwwww <3 e ist fertig und schau so damn geil aus <3
SasuArt-SW's avatar
awww, dankeschöööön :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Good work on the colouring and the background. Its pretty effective. :thumbsup:
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thank you, fux *3*
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