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Be strong

By SasuArt-SW
Hello everyone!

Long time no see, deviantArt :X. I'm so sorry for being inactive for...way too long time.
I try to upload a bit more in the future. Hopefully I will manage it...but to be honest I'm just able to update one of my art-accounts frequently (hello instagram "xD). But I will give my best!
Let's start wirth one of the rare fanarts. Kaneki was done in August aftre I binge watched Tokyo Ghoul during one weekend (why did it take me so much time to start watching this anime ;__; ). I was so tired and excited at the same time, that I rushed a lot with this portrait (~2-3hours is very fast for me... "xD).

I hope you like it :3
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OMG Saskia it's been so long! I thought you abandoned this place forever! :D Happy New Year by the way! :hug: How have you been??

I don't know anything about Tokyo Ghoul but this is a very touching piece! It's good to see your digital art again! :aww:
SasuArt-SW's avatar
Oh no, I'm such an unsocial lazy ass!
Work and projects were killing me the past months. I hope it will become easier now.
Thank you so much for you kind words <3. I see you produced some awesome art in the meantime. * ___ * I have to take a closer look!
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Haha, aww don't worry! Though I did miss you! :hug: I hope your projects are going smooth! And you're always welcome my friend! :love:

Oh, thank you! I hope you enjoy my recent works! :D
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i love this! really good work!!!