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Just like I said in my sketch submission of this, I know I'm supposed to be working on commissions, but to be honest I'm currently not happy with my coloring at all, so this is just a practice piece. I figured I'd upload it for you in any case. I want to work on bettering my coloring skills. Anyway, I sketched this while feeling kinda down. I don't really know why Tidus is so anguished in this pic so you can use your imaginations, but sometimes when I draw my feelings sorta come out when I draw the males. It's weird. Yeah anyway, Tidus and Yuna with the Zanarkand Ruins in the background. Those were a bitch to paint too. Anyway, enjoy.

Tidus Yuna©Square Enix
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I would think the reason he is so distressed is to see his homeland in such ruin.

I always thought he took it a little too well when they found it.

Great work on this picture!