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Suteki da ne



Don't have much to say on this except how much of a BITCH that background was...I absolutely love this scene in FFX and was commissioned (outside of DA) to do this scene from the game. Funnily enough I'm currently replaying FFX so I was highly inspired to get this drawing done. I must have listened to 'Suteki da ne' a million times while working on this because it's the song played during the Tidus and Yuna water scene and it's highly inspirational. I absolutely love drawing these two are they are two of my favorite characters in the Final Fanasy franchise. I used the main image for a reference for their poses but took a TAD bit of artistic liberty with them. Please PLEASE do not give off your hate comments about Tidus in this deviation. I happen to like him and would find it offensive. If you must complain about him, do it elsewhere. Thanks. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

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Favorite scene ever!