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Perfect Two .2p!Canada x Reader. |Yandere AU|
“I’m home maple leaf” James called out as he closed and locked the front door, he tossed his slightly bloodied hockey stick to the side, you walked out of the kitchen with a huge smile but it faltered slightly when you glanced the hockey stick. “James… what did I tell you about that damn hockey stick dirtying the floor, I just cleaned” You a warned with a look of murder in your usually calm and happy eyes. James  completely ignored that and pulled you into a tight hug, placing a small kiss on your shoulder, your anger soon disappeared as quickly as it came. “You know it turns me on when you get an
Glowing /Levi x Reader AU/ Part 2/2
|| I woke up this morning To a kiss just like a whisper And an empty suitcase Then I knew that you were gone And you left the motel|| ~ previously ~ "I'm just so scared, I think they found me, my past is finally catching up to me, I'm so stupid for thinking I could finally have a normal life-" At the sound of that he tensed up and stood up with you still cradled in his arms, you looked at him with a confused look in your eyes. "What are you doing? You need to head to work soon." "Fuck that job, you're more important to me than some job, we are leaving this instant go get some clothes and meet me in the car in thirty minutes" You were s
Marry Me /Levi x Reader AU/
// A/N: Levi may be OOC~// “But I don’t want to wake uuuup”    You whined as you turned away from Levi, he rolled his eyes and hid a smile that was threatening to show itself on his stoic features. You had stayed the night after bugging Levi all last week, you had been going out for three entire years and you have never once stayed the night. Sure it was because he wished to fulfill your wishes about not having sex until after marriage but that didn’t mean you two couldn’t sleep in the same bed.      After seeing just how difficult it was being to wake you up, he glanced at the drawer next to him, inside was
Don't Trust Hanji /Levi x Chubby!Reader AU/
“(y/n)!”              You heard your door almost break at the force Hanji used to open your door, you looked up from your book and you sent her a half hearted glare, then something dawned on you.   “How’d you open the door? I locked it…”              You swore you just saw her sweat slightly and she hid something in her back pocket, you rose an eyebrow but didn’t even bother with trying to find out what it was, besides you were almost positive it was an extra copy of your key and you didn’t want to prove yourself right, you’d never be able to sleep again.   “Why didn’t you te
E.T /Alien!Levi x Reader AU/
//You're so hypnotizing Could you be the devil, could you be an angel Your touch magnetizing Feels like I'm floating, leaves my body glowing// “Are you sure this measly glass will be keeping us safe, Armin?” You questioned wearily as you eyed the male behind the glass, you worked for NASA and you have recently discovered that an Alien had decided to make a pit stop on the moon. Years later here he was chained to a seat and behind a glass wall, not to mention there was several snipers at the ready with tranquilizers for if he tried anything. “I am sure, (y/n)” Armin reassured you with a small smile, he looked up f
The Fighter .Levi x Reader AU.
//The lover held her love She begged him not to go The fighter wrapped his gloves The fighter said I know, I know, I know Just this one last time I swear you'll still be mine But he can't promise much He goes for one last touch One last touch// “Levi, Please, I have a bad feeling about this fight”      You all but begged the onyx haired male to not fight this time, his usually stoic face almost turned into a sad frown at his lovers face, she looked like she was giving it her all not to burst into tears and he hated knowing it was all his doing, but the bills had to get paid somehow. You would have been working yourself a
Glowing / Levi x Reader AU / Part 1/2
|| You knocked me sideways When you said that you were leaving. You knocked me over When you cried and told the truth. And you left me speechless The secrets you've been keeping|| "You're what?" You sighed as you stood up and walked over to the sink, you were about to begin washing your dish when Levi placed a hand on your shoulder and turned around so you'd finally face him, he had his usual face like always but there was a bit of panic in there somewhere which just made your stomach churn in guilt, you were causing him this, which was all the more reason that you should leave as soon as possible. "You heard me Levi, I am leaving, Please
Paint The Town Green /Scotland x Reader AU/
/A-N; I know I haven't written in forever so it feels amazing to be able to write again, I've never written for Allistor before so he will be OOC quq I apologize/ || I know you’re missing home It’s been so long since you’ve been And that life you had in Dublin Now ain’t nothing but a dream To be right there in the moment You’d give anything to be || “I know, I miss ya too and I would love to be there but there’s no bloody way I’m leaving (y/n) here and ya know it, we’d both go but her passport ain’t here yet” You were currently laying bed, staring at the wall. You had your b
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Venulus|Hobbyist Writer
I miss chuuuu!! Where have you gone? :'(
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I miss you all too ;-; sometimes I regret leaving, but then again I hadn't been writing alot and some people would make me feel bad about it so that's why I left ;n;
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Venulus|Hobbyist Writer
Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that, honey u.u

Are you okay tho?

And people have to understand that we can't write ALL the time hahaha we have a life outside dA, don't we? So try not to feel bad about that alright?

One more thing, do you want to join a chill discord sv? We are just a few ppl so it's super nice and chill :)
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I guess I'm ok lmao
How have you been by the way?💕
And I'd like to lol
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Thank you so much for the favs and the watch~
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No problem! I loved them so much! <3
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begitte|Hobbyist Digital Artist
!!! Thank you so much for the donation + the kind words :icondokis-plz:
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