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Happy 18th Birthday, Alyssa!


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Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer

Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer Snow fell gently down from the heavens. A castle, dark and filled with centuries’ worth of memories, came into view. Waves crashed into the rocks that the castle set upon high in the air. The gray sky became darker as the sun set up ahead. A figure stood outside the castle, narrowing their eyes up at a certain window. They snuck into the old building and looked around cautiously. No one in sight, they thought with satisfaction. They pulled the hood of their cloak over their head and quickly went up the long flight of stairs. In a room, a young girl sat on her bed staring out her fogged window.


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A Kiss Next Time

A simple ebony haired teen walked up to a huge store. She halted her companion before entering and his green eyes faced her. She pointed to her attire of a green tee shirt under a pink vest, black jeans and black and white sneakers. He nodded once he understood that she wanted him to answer if her outfit was alright to enter. She smiled and they proceeded in. As soon as they walked in, her playful eyes darted around quickly. She was mesmerized by the different colors and styles. She clapped her hands together happily and jumped up and down. Her friend watched as she ran all around, examining each item carefully. The girl walked swiftly along


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Merry Christmas, Alyssa! (Drawing)

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Happy 18th Birthday, Alyssa!


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Toy Story

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Help Me, God

Help me, God. Lift away my pain. I feel like I can’t go on. The tears are now like rain. I scream on the inside and shake with fear. Sometimes I feel like my end is near. God, protect me; help me through this ordeal. I’m wheezing with confusion and none of this seems real. I pray to you. I cry out from hurt. My cheeks are stained. I’m always on the alert. But sometimes I just can’t seem to see things coming. I feel like I’m tired and exhausted, like I’m always running. My heart is heavy, my throat is sore. My eyes are drooping. Can I take much more? My lips are dry, my nose is runny. My body is numb.

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