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Happy 18th Birthday, Alyssa!

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I didn't have much time to prepare, so I thought I'd draw you in TD form! I hope you have/had a great day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, :iconjesuslover95::iconrainbow-exclamation:

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Oh my goodness....THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! :D I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much! :iconwoohooplz: Times have switched for me (because of family stuff) so I won't be able to technically celebrate my birthday until next this day hasn't been anything too exciting and, of course, I woke up sick. :/ This made me feel so much better though!!! I love yah too! :heart:
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I'm sorry you're sick! :noes: I hope you start to feeling better and you can celebrate your birthday soon! I'M GLAD YOU LOVE IT! :dummy:
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Well, on the bright side, I get to go camping this weekend! That's why we can't celebrate. It's the only weekend we can do it. But thanks!!! I've been sick like this all week but it's doing a bit better as the days go. I just wish I could stop getting sick. :/ I blame the weather even though I love the cold weather. 
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Darn... I wish we were doing something. We can't really afford to camp. We're busting our behinds just to scrape up money for the kids' Halloween costumes. I really wanted to dress up, too, so I'm going as The Ghost Bride! :XD: Too much Hey Arnold!, I know. But I'll be honest, I love the show to bits! I'm still not done watching the episodes! I think I've seen them all, except "Married" and "The Journal". But I still have to take notes. 

Anyway, feel better soon! :heart: I was sick for awhile, but it's all good now. I love the cold weather as well, but it really takes a toll on your immune system :doh:
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Actually, the camping that we do isn't expensive at all. I'm not sure how much it is exactly but it isn't that much from what I hear. The only bad thing is that I will be missing TD...only by a day but still. I WANT TO SEE MORE!!! It is pretty obvious that it is my "show faze" right now. Arrow has already started so I could be in a faze for that too but I decided to wait for that. TDAS is only 13 episodes while Arrow will be at LEAST 22 plus cliffhangers with most of the episodes so I'd like to record them and save them. I also can't handle having more than one faze at a time. I can only look REEEEAAALLLY forward to one show each week so I'd rather it be TDAS and THEN Arrow. I still love Hey Arnold though! 

Thanks!!! Yeah, I know...the weather can be such a pain. 
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I'm watching so many shows. I have to finish TDAS, HA!, and etc. I just have so much to watch and I'm stumped with homework. Like, I'm so serious. I hate school and it's draining the life out of me right now. Mainly why I haven't been on lately is because of school! Geez...

You're welcome!
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Good luck with them!!! I can't wait until you at least see episode 4. That still has to be my favorite episode of the season so far...and very close second favorite would be episode 7 which I KNOW you will love as well. There's a certain thing that starts in episode 4 that I just love!!! Ugh... I want more. :( I do have tons of homework I have to do every week too but I've learned to balance it by now...I hope you can too!!! I have four tests to take online (most of my college tests are online this semester) this weekend before I can leave on Sunday to go camping. :frustrated: Dumb school...I can't wait until Thanksgiving break. 
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I'll get to them eventually! I promise you that! I can't wait until the break either... With that break, I won't have any assignments, which means I'll be able to catch up! Thank you, Lord! 
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