Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer

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Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer

Snow fell gently down from the heavens. A castle, dark and filled with centuries’ worth of memories, came into view. Waves crashed into the rocks that the castle set upon high in the air. The gray sky became darker as the sun set up ahead.

A figure stood outside the castle, narrowing their eyes up at a certain window.

They snuck into the old building and looked around cautiously.

No one in sight, they thought with satisfaction. They pulled the hood of their cloak over their head and quickly went up the long flight of stairs.

In a room, a young girl sat on her bed staring out her fogged window. She took the palm of her hand and circled the window until there was a blurry spot on it that she could look out of. She hugged her knees and pressed her lips together as she thought in silence.

The figure heaved a few needed, yet silent, gulps of air as they made it to the top of the stairs. Making sure no one could see them, they started to go down the long and dully lit hallway. Their feet were gentle on the hard stone and their mind was set on one thing.

Nothing was going to stop them.

Holding the blade’s handle, that was in their hand, tightly, they ran down the hallway.

A woman stepped out of a room and the figure widened their eyes. They halted and flung themselves into an empty room until the woman passed. Sighing with relief, they looked outside the doorway and then hurried back down the hall.

The girl heard something outside her door and looked up just as the figure, a silhouette in the darkness, stood outside it.

Her eyes expanded and she pressed herself up against the wall that her bed was up against as well. The figure stepped into the light. The girl could see her fearful expression in the knife’s reflection. She couldn't utter a word, not even a noise. The figure had their eyes on her, glaring at her with an intense gaze.

The door was suddenly shut and the figure crept towards her.

“No!” she finally managed to scream. “Leave me alone!”

But they ignored her cry and drew the knife up in the air.

They grabbed her by the arm and whispered, “Your time is up.”

The blade came crashing down and blood dripped from the girl’s neck as she lay lifeless on her now stained bed.

“You shouldn't have wished to die,” the figure said as they looked down at her body. They collected her soul and stored it away. “But don’t worry. It’s Christmas. So, wherever you’re going,” they paused and looked up, “you’ll finally be happy.”

I was listening to "Carol of the Bells" on Youtube and saw this comment that said, "I can't listen to this song without images popping into my head like a castle on a rock in the middle of a stormy sea, or someone sitting by the fire as a silhouetted figure is creeping slowly from the darkness behind them with a knife gleaming in one hand."

I decided to take that perspective and create this small piece of writing.

It's best to picture it with this playing in your head: [link]
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