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Jurassic World: Dominion Full Imax Description



The scene opens on a Cretaceous landscape. The environment is lit with an orange sunrise.

A group of Dreadnoughtus wander around the shoreline of a lake, with some wading through the water (reminiscent of the Brachiosaurus in the first film). A large flock of Pteranodons take off and fly over the lake (looking like a flock of modern birds). A huge Quetzalcoatlus flies in, landing on a rock covered by Pteranodons. The Quetzalcoatlus squawks and snaps at the Pteranodons, chasing them off, as other Quetzalcoatlus are seen wandering in the background. A small herd of Ankylosaurus are seen peacefully drinking from the watering hole.

A pair of Pteranodons are seen flying past other Pteranodons sitting on a rock ledge overlooking a river. One of the flying Pteranodons lands on the ledge, while another is seen diving into the water to catch a fish.

An Oviraptor is seen traversing through a rocky landscape (the Oviraptor is covered in shaggy feathers and has a fluffy tail fan, although the feathers on its arms aren’t as large or as wing-like as some may want them to be). The Oviraptor looks around, spotting a seemingly unguarded nest of eggs. It slowly and cautiously enters the nest and begins to peck at one of the eggs, breaking it open. Suddenly a wail is heard (possibly from the eggs’ mother) startling the Oviraptor.

A large herd of Nasutoceratops are seen crossing a river (very similar to migrating buffalo herds in Africa). A baby Nasuto runs over to its mother, who nuzzles it. An older Nasuto is seen wallowing in the river, bathing itself. 

The scene cuts to a Moros intrepidus picking bugs and meat from the jaws of a sleeping Giganotosaurus. A low growl is heard, the Moros turns to the source of the sound and flees. The Giga awakens to face the oncoming intruder. The Giga rises, casting a shadow over a small Iguanodon (possibly a young one?). The Iguanodon lets out a grunt and turns to flee, revealing the true intruder. A Tyrannosaurus (who has a light coating of hair-like proto feathers on its head and back), who lets out a low growl. The Giga stands up and hisses back at the Rex. The two massive carnivores stare each other down, circling each other. The Rex snaps at the Giga, who hisses furiously. The two bellow at each other and charge forward. The Giga headbutts the Rex. The Rex lunges forward. The Giga dodges and counters by biting down on the Rex's neck. Dust flies as the Giga begins violently shaking the Rex (the shot is reminiscent of the Spinosaurus and Rex battle in JPIII). The camera pans away to show that the battle is happening near the edge of a short cliff bordering a stream. We hear a crack, and the massive Rex is pushed off the cliff and lands in the stream. We focus on a close-up of the Rex’s face, its pupil dilates as its life slips away. A small mosquito buzzes into frame. The camera focuses on the bug as it lands on the Rex’s nose. It sucks up some of its blood before flying away. As the mosquito leaves we can see the Giga leaving the scene.

The scene cuts to modern times at night. A helicopter flies over a forest, shining a spotlight into the trees below. We see a caption “65 Million Years Later”. Thunderous footsteps are heard as we see Rexy charging through the woods. A man in the helicopter shouts “I got eyes on the animal!”. Another man begins to load a tranquilizer gun and aims it out at the rex. We cut to a shot of a drive-in theater. The clip playing on the screen is the classic "Let's All Go To The Lobby!" cartoon. Suddenly we hear loud thunderous footsteps and the crowd at the theater become nervous. Screams erupt and the crowds of people begin to panic and run as the massive Tyrannosaurus emerges from the forest and charges into the theater's parking lot, the helicopter following behind. There's a somewhat humorous scene as it cuts to a couple making out in their car, completely oblivious to the chaos happening around them. Agitated, Rexy roars in anger. A car attempts to drive away from the rex, accidentally hitting a helpless civilian in the process. The crew operating the film projector panic and run away, tripping over wires. The film projector short circuits, causing the film to cut off (the audio of "Let's All Go to the Lobby" drags and distorts, creating a somewhat creepy audio effect). Rexy charges forward, flipping over a car in the process. We get a cool shot of Rexy roaring in front of the movie screen as people in the foreground flee. Suddenly Rexy is illuminated by the helicopter’s spotlight. Rexy turns to the light as the helicopter arrives. The helicopter circles Rexy and the gunner inside aims at Rexy, Another man is heard shouting “KEEP IT STEADY!!!”. Rexy headbutts a car, pushing it forward. The gunner shoots, however misses, the tranquilizer dart smashing into the car’s windshield. The panicked couple inside scream in terror. Rexy turns to leave as cars swerve around her. We get a close up of her foot slamming into the muddy ground, leaving a large footprint.

It then cuts to a caption:


We see a POV shot from inside a car as frightened Gallimimus charge through traffic. 


We see an alternate shot of the Allosaurus flipping the RV from Battle At Big Rock, and roaring.


The preview ends with a shot of the Mosasaurus lunging out of the water next to a fishing boat. Chomping down on a steel crab trap cage.

It then cuts to the amber Jurassic World logo as a slow piano version of the Jurassic Park Theme plays. 

My Thoughts On The Scene

First off I feel like we need to address the massive prehistoric elephant in the room. Most of the dinosaurs (and pterosaurs) featured in the Cretaceous prologue scene didn’t actually live together, many of them separated by time and place. Ever since the description of this scene was revealed, there has been massive outrage in the paleo community and, frankly, I feel like people are being overly dramatic. Yes, there are a lot of scientific issues in this scene, however, the amount of rage that’s been hurled at not only this scene, but the filmmakers involved is ridiculous. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually seen threats and insults being hurled at the film’s paleontological consultant, Steve Brusatte. To all those people acting this way, and throwing your hatred at him, you should be ashamed of yourself. I get that some of you are disappointed by some of these inaccuracies, but this type of behavior is uncalled for. Many of the people acting this way are grown adults, yet they’re throwing tantrums like toddlers. I was also initially upset by the anachronisms that were in the Cretaceous prologue, but I got over it pretty quickly. There are worse things happening in the world. Please, stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and start handling things maturely. This type of blind hate will NOT solve anything.

That being said, I really enjoyed this preview. Anachronisms aside, It’s a really entertaining and visually stunning scene. It kind of felt like the Walking With Dinosaurs mixed with the opening scenes of the Lion King and Disney’s Dinosaur (I love both of those movies) . I loved how natural the scene felt. The dinosaurs themselves felt like real animals, with a lot of their behavior mirroring modern day animals. I loved how they showed off the size comparisons of these creatures, especially with the Pteranodons and Quetzalcoatlus.

The modern Rex scene was also pretty cool. I loved the insane chaos of Rexy encountering people at a drive-in theater. It reminded me of the classic Alan Grant quote “Two species separated by 65 million years of evolution suddenly thrown back into the mix. How can we have the slightest idea of what to expect”. I’m so glad that we finally get to see the dinosaurs loose on the mainland and I can’t wait to see what else the movie has to offer.    

Interestingly they altered Rexy's design a bit, she looks somewhat bulkier (probably don't want to know what she's been eating) and she looks more like how she did in Jurassic Park, they even fixed her wrists to give them a more scientifically accurate position! 

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I personally love the Giga’s design. Lookin pretty snazzy.

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I was initially on the fence about the Giga's design looking a little too exaggerated and monstrous, but the design has grown on me a lot. It may not be a 100% accurate representation of the real animal, but it's definitely a cool creature design. I'm excited to fully see it in the movie.

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" I was also initially upset by the anachronisms that were in the Cretaceous prologue, but I got over it pretty quickly."

so did i for two reasons.

1- as you put it, it's NOT a big deal.

2- it could have been way "worse".

at the very least it's just cretaceous era animals from generally the americas.

it's not like there were any stegosaurus, mammoths, dimetrodon, allosaurus or spinosaurus among them.

and on top of that, even if not EXACTLY saurian level realistic, all of the animals shown there DID work well as rough analogs for the creatures and niches that did exist 65 million years ago. the ONLY outlier in that regard is the giganotosaurus but even then that's not a big deal.

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I mean, most non documentary dinosaur media have anachronisms in them so I find it ridiculous that Jurassic World gets all of the hate (The main reason I made that double standard meme). Overall, I think Steve Brusatte put it best when he was asked if this "mish mash" of dinosaur species would "harm" paleontology or the public's view of dinosaurs, his response was:

"Absolutely totally completely not. The original JP (despite some inaccuracies) was the best thing to happen to paleontology in decades: more public interest, more museum exhibits, more college courses, more funding. JW continues that legacy."

Personally I'm someone who believes that dinosaur media doesn't have to be 100% accurate to be enjoyed or considered good, if that was the case then that would mean that most dinosaur media is terrible, which is definitely NOT the case. If a piece of dinosaur media is accurate, that's awesome, if not, I'm not going to get upset over it. For the most part I'm somebody who mostly just wants to enjoy dinosaur entertainment for what it is, even if it has its flaws.

Side note: I'm not really a fan of Saurian... (For a few reasons)

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is it ok for me to ask what these reasons are?

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Personally the main reason for not liking Saurian has to due with the attitudes that some of the developers have towards others. I've seen many of the main artists and developers treat others pretty badly, with them constantly trying to pick fights with others, some of which devolve into extremely juvenile insults. They seem to like to start "beef" with people working on other dinosaur projects (mainly the Jurassic Park/World franchise and other indie dinosaur games), as if they think that their project is the only one that matters, and most of the time it seems like they're just doing it to boost their own egos. I've seen them treat others like crap and then they expect that people praise their work, which comes off as very narcissistic and kind of arrogant. Personally I've seen too many of their "battles" with others and their overly antagonistic, snarky comments, that it's kind of left a bad impression and has soured any interest I might have had for the game. I feel like respect should be earned, and based on what I've seen, mostly their attitudes and actions towards their "potential audience", I don't really feel comfortable in supporting behavior or business practices like that. I've seen others in the paleo community give them and their attitudes a pass because of the fact that the project is "the most accurate dinosaur simulator", sure the concept may be great but it shouldn't excuse bad behavior from the developers.

The other reason is that I'm pretty wary of most indie dinosaur games. For the most part those games have had a bad track record of either being scams or falling into development hell and are either never finished or they end up being broken messes (The Stomping Land, Mesozoica just to name a few). And considering that it took Saurian team two and a half years to make small updates to their game, it makes me even more cautious of it. I would love to support more independent game developers, but at the same time we've been burnt too many times in the past (not just with dinosaur games), that it gives me little confidence.

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I'm just glad that THERE ARE F-I-N-A-L-L-Y Dinosaurs in this movies with FEATHERS!!!

One of my Biggest Pet Peeves with the JP & JW Dinosaurs has FINALLY been FIXED; The Dinosaurs finally have some ****ing Feathers!! Like We now KNOW them to have!!

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The Giga's design is interesting. It seems to take some inspiration from some of its relatives such as Carcharodontosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus. Specifically the somewhat exaggerated hump on its back looks similar to certain reconstructions of Acrocanthosaurus. It also seems to have similarities to the Battle At Big Rock Allosaurus, which is interesting as Allosaurs were early relatives of Gigas.

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