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lights that keep me awake at night


Writing isn't really my strong suite but here's something to go with
the drawing :)

On my way home after my evening classes, 
I'd sometimes get caught in the rain on my nightly commute
And I'd get to see the glaring city lights from the shops and stalls -
The streaks of light bouncing off the streets

Though seemingly unrelated,
it is during moments like these that I think to myself
The world sure moves fast, with people moving forward in their lives

in search of some dream - a career, maybe
probably a purpose too
or just some way of making sense of things

Always moving,
sometimes stalling,
but never stopping.

What's stopping me from living mine?

Made this with the intent of having an illustration speak out a bit more about me, always
thinking and even doubting on whether I'm walking down the "right" path and if putting
my hopes and dreams on illustration would make me end up in a dead career or the sorts.
The place depicted here is also roughly based on the city where I spend a lot of time in so 
yeah this piece is pretty personal

This was a drawing that I planned on doing a long time ago, but got pushed down the
queue since I prioritized a lot of other drawings since I really wanted to prepare for this
one by collecting references and studying illustrations similar to this one.

Anyway this is my last artwork for 2019, I hope you guys liked this one :)
If you like this, do leave a fav and a watch, and maybe check out my other pages too!

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XxOmqItsLizziexX's avatar
Your art is just exquisite 
Sasplayer's avatar
heyy thank you very much <3
hope you do check out my future artworks, i like drawing lots of rainy themed stuff like these from time to time!
aweldeng's avatar
great work!!!
Sasplayer's avatar
thanks so much!
aweldeng's avatar
crazy4anime09's avatar
OMG! This looks amazing!!! I love all the details, colors, and the lighting! :love: fav ^^
Sasplayer's avatar
thank you very much as always <3
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! :tighthug: ^^
Sylphrin's avatar

This is beautiful, I love the atmosphere so much!

Sasplayer's avatar
im glad <3 thank you so much
BeakTVArt's avatar
Sasplayer's avatar
saw this a bit too late 
thank you very much :)
BeakTVArt's avatar
It's all good. You're welcome :)
JackieVanDynamite's avatar
This is amazing, love the combination between text and drawing
Sasplayer's avatar
thank u so much <3 hope i didn't do too horrible on the text ^ - ^
TokyoGo-Go's avatar
That is an excellent picture. Very well done.

'...the darkness in this city.' - Masaomi Kida
Sasplayer's avatar
thanks so much :) 
and i find that quote intriguing hmm wherever that may be from
AceWanzer's avatar
Wonderful!! :love:
Happy Holidays!!! Happy Holidays 
Sasplayer's avatar
thanks! happy holidays as well!
AceWanzer's avatar
You're welcome! Thank you!
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