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Oh Doctor pleeeaase
Oh Doctor, I've been having such a awful day.
Do I really have to tell you all this ?
Whats that ? Jeeze Doc, you kids just can't seem to let this one go today can you.
So anyways, I've just been having such a bad couple of weeks you see.
I couldn't smile.
It's not just that, I couldn't laugh either
Try as I might, I couldn't laugh or smile, or sing and dance, or play or clap, or read and write, or sleep at night, or do any of theotherbloodyfuckingpointlessthingsthatseemtokeeptheshriekingbadmonstermenatbay !
And it was just suuuch a horrible thing for me
Because right at this time, there was the funniest little joke floating around this world of mine
Or better yet, I was the Joke. And my used to laugh, thought they admited it was a little cruel to us And all around, the world would gawk and stare and clap in delight !
Smiling and waving, and looking so fine !
While little ole me, was just down in the dumps
I asked my friends, I PLEADED with them ! Got down on my knees, and BEGGED them
:iconsasorixthexpuppet:Sasorixthexpuppet 1 2
Oh where , oh where
Big Brother ? He doesn't have to be singing and dancing anymore
ole Mainstream media has already mutilated our thinking
in the words of a lad who we cant remember
'a generation raised on channel surfing and the internet , has lost it's ability to understand the complixitys of thought'
the world man
we all talk about World War 3
Red Giants
hell some of the zombie plague
... personaly , I support a dystopian future where 'fit' means 300 pounds at a 5'7 height
but thats not it all
it'll be the murder of the mind
a step backwards from enlightenment
Were all fucking lost . And theres not a thing we can do
people , we weren't meant to work . Maybe for a little while , but not entirely
just look at what we have
modern medicine and safety precautions
have all but shat on Darwin's weepign ...face
we are slowly devoving
resources abused , not even in the hippie extent of it
just look at bloody china
how the hell do we spread it all out between them
humanity isn't a plague
it's the
:iconsasorixthexpuppet:Sasorixthexpuppet 0 1
Just an old observance
What we really have to see, is that there IS no greater scale . There is no higher cause that rules as he fits . Because even that cause itself is ultimately meaningless . Everybody dies , everyone forgets, everything falls , and cries, and decays . Even the higher cause itself is doomed to fall into the clutches of nihilism . After enough time everything loses meaning , everyone loses hope . And acepts it as just that preatty word we all like to throw around . Emo ? No this isnt emo , this is aceptance of the unaceptable . That you and me , and him and her . And this and that , and even your bloody God are all meaningless factors in this thing we call life . At the end of the day , the dead are dead , and the live are live . Once your your gone , your gone . Once you try , its done . Go on far enough , and you realise that everything is without meaning . One day red is your fancy , the next its blue . For absolutely no reason at all you changed your flavor . You my friend, are that fl
:iconsasorixthexpuppet:Sasorixthexpuppet 0 4
Slash your wrists and pop your pills
Bask in my face
It's the last you'll ever see
You'll bleed for you lies
You'll scream for your trys
I'll make sure they remember
Your "tragic" litle death
I'll empty this clip
Into your shallow fucking heart
Its not near enough
But its a good fucking start.
I'll baptise this night
With screams of pain
Your life will ebb
Your blood will rain
:iconsasorixthexpuppet:Sasorixthexpuppet 0 2
Entwined by Vengeance
Plead for your life
Plead for salvation
Plead that the Devil
Keeps you far from my grasp
Limbs ripped apart
Torn shred to shred
Your eyes are the first
Ripped from crimson covered sockets
Your wretched hearth is taken next
One final beat stolen away
They'll take till nothings left
They'll make you scream and beg
I'll see them tear you open
A slice here, a slash there
A gory litle process
I'm tired of this shit
I'm tired of your games
I'm sickend by that bull shit that you seem to call a life
Keep fucking with us
Keep screwing around
Keep hideing behind that litle smile
I'd love to slice it from your face
You claim to know what true pain is
You seem to think agony's your bitch
My dear betrayer, elder brother
Former friend and mentor
I'll show you just how wrong you are
I'll make you beg and scream in pain
I'll make you see the light of death
And fill your soul with all my hate
Embrace my pain
And scream my name
See the man that fell from grace
Feel the blade that's ripped through flesh
:iconsasorixthexpuppet:Sasorixthexpuppet 3 2


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Dont you know that Carnage Rules
United States
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Personal Quote: " Nick Luz, bringin Sexy back since 93 "


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