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Kingdom Hearts CoSpLaY - Girl Power!

Highly and rather poorly edited picture x3; Back from 2011! :D

But I loooooved these cosplays so much!! :eager: :heart: Kindgom Hearts is an amazing game:heart: ..and turning its heroes into girls was rather fun :giggle: :D Loved these times :heart:

Roxy as Sora (KH II) :meow:
Emmy as Sora (KH) :aww:
Myself as Riku (KH II) :D
Cammy as Roxas :la:
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awwwwww your all so pretty. 
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omg your stomach is so flat, what do you do?? (Riku right?)
you all look so cute owo
KyuubiUchimaki059's avatar
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so jelly of her tonned stomach @____@
IchiNaruRyu's avatar
i remember that sword :DD
GingiCosplay's avatar
Ohhh! you are beautiful girls *_*
willow1968's avatar
man... sooo many pretty ladies... but really... i like the way you look most... really pretty... too bad you are too young... hehehe :D
NaomiiYumii's avatar
*--* soo cool... i never imaginate a K.H. Gender bend ._.
SlyFXZ's avatar
If I had to pick one...

...I'd have to have you all...
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Wow! O.O you all four looking so great!
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Wow! Very creative!
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How old are the four of you? My comment on this photo depends on the answer...
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