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Final Fantasy XIII - Vanille

;u; this pic is sooo beautiful!! I'm in love with the colours, teh setting, and the whole atmosphere :heart:
Thank you so much ~Lloyd-Oo!! :heart::glomp:

At first I thought it would be weird for me to be Vanille, but I really got into acting like her :giggle: It was sooosooo much fun!! :aww: I love FF XIII!!!

andandand please watch our dance skit~
our video: [link]
official: [link]

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Nagyon szép vagy! Latex macskaruciba veled! :D :P
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this is a rather good photo too with the angle and all♪\(ʘʖ̮ʘ)/
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You make such an adorable Vanille!
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Onomnomnom QAQ beautiful ( and in french, huhu : MAGNIFIQUE )
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guh you're beautiful.
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Vanille is the best *.*
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This is so beautiful~~
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Tudod, nem hiszem, vannak olyan szavak is kifejezni, hogy gyönyörű vagy. ♥
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köszönöm!! :D
Thanks for taking the time translating it to my native language :D
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olyan cuki Vanille voltál! ^__^
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you are such cutie
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hm nice, wanna see more ;)
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Thank you!! :aww: I still have some pics ;D
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I don't like this character from FFXIII.
But you make me fall in love when I saw this picture!
You have no idea how beautiful you are :-)
Your my Top 1 cosplayer in my list!

"In our own lives, we're not readers. we're the writers."
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