Retrospection #3

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Three days late, but I have to keep with the tradition!

In 2016...

Bullet; Red ... had I uploaded 124 deviations and written 28 (+1) journals. That's less art than last year, which surprises me actually. :confused:

Bullet; Red My first Raskolnikov week! It was during Christmas that I got obsessed with Crime and Punishment and that resulted in 6 artworks uploaded between 19th and 26th of January (except for the last one, which was a little late)

Bullet; Red Snashyle died and was reborn Saskle.

Bullet; Red This year I suffered twice from carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist, which made drawing painful and I was worrying about permanent damage. It made me draw with my left hand, though, so I can draw pretty decent with my left hand as well now! :dummy:

Bullet; Red I participated in the #summercardproject with two prints of Speedpaint Challenge #10: Vacation. :D

Bullet; Red I GOT A DAILY DEVIATION! :dance: I never expected to get it on a texture, but hey, what gives! I got a DD! :la:

Bullet; Red I went to Dutch Comic Con with Empoh and to Animecon with a friend, which were both very much fun! It was the first time for me attending such a convention and seeing so many cosplayers was really awesome. :heart: What really made an impact on me, though, was the Playgrounds Festival. Talks by successful Dutch concept artists, as well as Phil Tippins (worked as stop-motion animator on Star Wars and Jurassic Park) and people from Laika (Kubo and the Two Strings). Hella inspiring! But it made two things clear to me: 1. My dream job is to work as a concept artist / 2d artist in the game industry. This idea has been lingering for a very long time, but after that day I knew it for sure. 2. In order to become a concept artist / 2d artist, I still need to do mountains of work. Not only being able to draw better, but also work in 3D. :/

Bullet; Red I made a zoom avatar and I am now part of the family! :D

Bullet; Red I finally finished my Ganon Comic, and sold one booklet! My very first time of selling artwork! :dance:

Bullet; Red I participated in Art Fight. Was fun, albeit a bit stressful as I'm not used to drawing very fast. I felt a bit out of place on the site, between all those young Warrior Cat fans. :/

Bullet; Red I did the unthinkable: I made an account on both Tumblr and Instagram. Yes, I thought I would never do it, but here I am, being all social! :eyes: These are no replacement for DeviantArt: Instagram is for sketches and WIPs, Tumblr is for sketches and WIPS and writings and reblogging. I still have get comfortable there, though. :|

Bullet; Red 357 watchers! Woo-hoo! :huggle:

2016 has been a crazy year, but in 2017 await even bigger adventures for me, with a four-month exchange to Prague and fingers crossed for an internship!

What are your plans for this new year?
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Congratulations! I once was unable to draw with my right hand for a while - and I STILL could never draw with my left hand, no matter how I tried!