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CenturyARkStorm OCT - Jake Harper
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Published: October 22, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Saskle
[Okay, here it is, the fruits of my labor from the last two months! XD Writing all this information took almost as long as drawing the whole thing, I kid you not. x.x I've got less than 10 days to finish my Audition comic, so I'm off working again!]

¤ J A K E   H A R P E R ¤
        27 yrs.
        5'11" / 1.81m
        137 lb. / 62 kg
        April 2nd

Country of Origin: The Guylos Alliance
Current Residence: Helic Republic, just south of Nova Prime
Occupation: Junk Collector (former soldier)

Jake can come across as a bit of a jerk, actually. He’s the type that never did any homework because he thought he already knew everything and spend his time in class trying to distract the teacher. Reckless and self-centered, he often ends up making fun of himself when trying to prove he’s capable of something he clearly shouldn’t try, like trying to fix a jammed weapon on his zoid while evading enemy fire with 80km/h. It often looks like he has little regard for the feelings of others, and the only one who ever gets to see his kind, caring side is Silkie.

Jake's piloting skills are about average, unlike his five-year-older sister Iris, who proved to be very talented at a young age. He’s perceptive and a quick thinker, though terrible at planning ahead. He loves taking things apart to see how they work and often tinkers with his Zoid equipment in his free time.

Jake grew up in Borael. His dad owned a large metalworking factory which supplied the Nyxan forces with weapons and munitions during the war. Jake, like many kids in wartime Nyx, grew up believing fighting in a war is something glorious and heroic. As a child he couldn’t wait to get his own zoid and fight in the war, like his sister. On his 18th birthday, Iris came home with a stolen Gairyuki and an Evoflyer that seemingly belonged to the Helic Republic, giving the Evoflyer to her brother.

Iris and Jake fought a fair share of battles together, but Iris was a much more capable pilot than Jake. Though Jake pulled his share of stunts, his sister was lauded for her reliability and skill. During one mission the team was ambushed and left Jake and his zoid captured by the Helic army. Iris, unable to find her brother, thought he had died in battle.

Jake spent the last two years of the war as a prisoner working in a Republican factory. When he was released, he felt terribly bitter about his failures in the war and didn’t return Nyx out of shame. He found Silkie in an abandoned warehouse and makes a living out of collecting and selling zoid parts just outside Nova Prime.

¤ S I L K I E ¤
        23’6” / 7,2 m high (up to rifles)
        44’9” / 13,7 m (snout to tailtip)
        15’7” / 4,8 m wide
        9 years partnered

AZ Assault Rifles (2)
        Two rifles mounted on a pair of arms, enabling it to turn 360 degrees. The rifles can turn upward and downward with 45 degrees.
        Effective fire range of 350m.
Strike Claws (2), Strike Sickle Claws (2)
        Energizes the front claws or the sickle claws on the zoid’s feet respectively to enhance attack power.
Bite Fangs
        Energized bite for tearing armor and other close-combat uses.
Vulkan gun
        Small additional gun build into the zoid’s head.

Ion Booster
        Provides extra speed to the zoid, as well as enabling it to jump up to 15m high.
Tail Stabilizer
        Helps keeping balance during evasive moves and jumps.
Hoists (2)
        Used to pull and lift zoid parts and other irregular shaped cargo. One is located at the base of the tail, the other between its arms.

Jake’s Evoflyer is dark grey with lighter grey parts and purple-blue accents. It has off-white feather-shaped armor plates and its canopy window, eyes and head spines are orange.

Due Jake’s slightly-less-than-amazing pilot skills with Silkie while airborne, Silkie is customized so that she no longer able to switch to air modus, using the power provided by the Ion Booster to make her even faster and more evasive on the ground instead. Jake has installed two hoists so Silkie is able to lift and pull pieces of material and bring them to the city.

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I really love his outfit! The vest/harness piece looks so cool and everyone knows all good sci fi outfits have orange 
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SaskleProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! I was inspired by the harnesses of WW2 pilots. I tried to not make it too detailed as I probably gonna draw it many many times XD And orange is my favorite colour, so.. :D
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