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Art Summary 2018 by Saskle Art Summary 2018 by Saskle
It's that time of the year again! :la:

Looking back, I can conclude 2018 was really the year of character design for me. I played my first pen and paper RPGs during my internship last spring, and now I suddenly can add four human characters to my OC list! XD Which is kind of weird to think about, when I was younger I was never interested in drawing humans so I always had animals and anthropomorphic creatures as characters. 

Due that I think I got much more comfortable drawing humans this year. I think the model drawing classes and train sketching started to pay off? Still, I know I draw better women than men, though, so practising male anatomy is a goal for 2019. Especially if the Zoid OCT is taking off next month...

Character design was part of my internship, where I worked on characters for Godhood and the last DLC of Renowned Explorers. I can hopefully share some things of that in the new year! And even my graduation project is about character design! 

Artwork included:
January: Combusken used Double Kick for GameHQ's collaboration, I'm glad I was able to do Grovyle and Marshtomp too! 
February: Painting of Prince Sidon, mainly to sell prints at a convention :D
March: Face Book of people I met in the train.
April: Little piece of Martha Shevarra, my human paladin.
May: Mermay Sketches, jumping on another bandwagon of monthly challenges.
June: Empoh's Mutant Pteri as a birthday present!
July: Another drawing of Martha painted in Bistre.
August: The Purple Dragon Spyro! Still hoping for a Switch release of the Reignited Trilogy..
September: The Rhone Glacier study to practice landscapes
October: Inktober #29: Double, one of my favorites of my Inktober drawings this year.
November: Another landscape study, this time Sudden Shower, Newbury Marshes
December: Roothorns for a #drawthisinyourstyle thing on Instagram

And here's last year: Art Summary 2017
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