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Hi  everyone!
I just ordered a new pack of MSC bottle but the price is highter everywere on ebay than the last time, so I sadly have to re-touch my price commission for not goin in loss
I hope you understand, and thanks to all your support for now and in the future <3

☆☆ Price ☆☆

(The price could change in relation to the amount of work)
 - MSD,SD and hound: 30$ 
 - YO-SD, pkf and similar: 25$
 - pukipuki and obitsu 21: 20$

- tattoo, from 10$
- Blush from 15$
- manicure, pedicure from 12$
- Removing make up: 10$
- Eyelashes application (if provided): free, by me 3$
- Mods: PM Me

♥ Volks- $30 eye removal fee if the eyes are still hot glued in.
♥ sanding - $10 Unoa eyebrow removal / $25 (Mirwen Brow modding)
♥ Light sanding/flash removal - $5 for minor surface scratches (on modified heads etc / extra resin removal (like in Unoa eyes)

I only use high quality materials. The products I use are:
- MSC Flat and MSC uv cut (for the first lay)
- Acrilics Liquitex
- airbrush Badger
- liquitex medium and retarder (for airbrush)
- Faber Castell and derwent Watercolour pencils
- Schmincke and volks pastels
- Gloss and mat medium finish liquitex
- tamiya color thinner and windsor & newton cleaner and restorer, magic sponge for removing and cleaning

☆☆ Important things ☆☆

- I don't have a head limit per person. It normally takes 1-2 weeks for me to finish a head, unless something unexpected comes up (like heavily rain, since it makes it impossible to use MSC)
- Prices can vary a little, depending on the type of Make-Up required, in case of very complex tasks, please try to tell me exactly what you want without requiring any last minute additions, in that case, the price might change significantly.
- I will do my best to interpret your wishes as best as I can (´・ω・)ノ♥ so photos, moke up, drawing and co. are welcome to help me understand your dreams and request
- I'll select pictures of some of my commissions to use them for my flikr portfolio.
- I will send you Work In Progress pics, if you see something you want to change, tell it to me immediatly. If you wait too much or approve the work, I will seal it with MSC and I will not able to change
- For shipping, I pack your head carefully, but I do not provide Head Mask, so if you have one, send it with the doll! ( ≖‿≖)~☆
- Advance payments, or advance partial payment non-refundable of 20% Payment should be via paypal (+5% to cover pp fees).
- Shipping charges from my house back to yours will depend on the country and are to be applied to the total once calculated. I always need to know how much you declared on the Custom Form: you are free to send your package marked as the real value however, if it is caught by customs, you're responsible for paying the fees.
- You can decide how to ship (EMS, Tracked Mail or Quick Pack Europe... if you don't specify I will use tracked mail)... but I will not be responsible if anything gets lost or damaged during the ship.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM ME! (。◕‿◕。)
I was tagged by :iconhisomu: <3
My eng isn't the best, so I'm sorry for the eventually weird gramm XD

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. Tag backs are fine
9. You can't say you don't do tags.

* 10 things about me:
I love braids, so much that I make them every time I wash my hair
I'm arachnophobic, I have to kill any spider who dare enter in my house, but I deal very well with all other insect
I'm not a daily person, even when I have to wake up very early, I don't sleep before eleven o'clock
Even though I have almost 40ys, I have to deal with person that don't believe I'm not underage ex.when I buy alcol
For 3 years I was member of a cover group of Tori Amos (I was the singer) It was very fun and exciting ^^
I learned English thanks to Tv series and BJDs hobby **
I love and study history, legend and folklore, of my country particularly (but not only)
I love sword. When a guess enter in my house for the first time, often is stunned for the amount XD
In my family, all the womans married very young, so when I was 7 I have still my great great granmother alive
Since I was born, I never stay more than 6 years in the same apartment: one day a Gipsy said to me that I have the "Chariot course" (a tarrot card) and I have to travel XD

Now, the then question by :iconhisomu:

1.- If you could choose a country to live, which one you'll pick?
My dream is to transfer my family to Bruxelles, Belgium *W* I have my best friends and his family over ther and I go there often
2.- If you only could save one doll in a tragic incident, which one will be?
One of mine? °__° urgh, I think I will dead of my indecision, most likely...
3.- What are you afraid of?
Desease, spiders, oldness
4.- Which one was the happiest day of your life?
mmh.. maybe the day of my "first time": I was so young, and in love, and the world seems so beautiful and full of happiness and expectations
5.- What was the last gift you received?
two days ago my hubby left a magnet in my desk with hearts, kitty and sugary message XD
6.- What do you think about marriage?
I'm married and I'm glad that I've done it, even if wasn't one of my dreams. if the relationship is great I think is a good thing
7.- What kind of things bother you?
I'm a natural worried, paranoic person, so everything!! XD like family's economy, world economy, wars, increasing poverty, stray animals, nature pollution, etc...
8.- Coffee or tea?
Tea, thanks, I don't like coffee at all >.<
9.- Do you like hugs?
yep a lot! even by strangers (In Paris, new years, champ elysèe you  receive a lots of hug by anyone XD)
10.- Do you have plans for your future?
oh yeah, I want to become reach and famous!! **
Like the Italian woman with the most long hair.. or the younger without plastic surgery.. or with the largest bjd collection X°D

sorry I hope I haven't bored you all (.///.)

I tag: :iconloolooz: :iconsarqq: :iconasainemuri: :iconzetahadrian: :iconstarrifyd: :iconbabychan80: :iconooshirayaoo:

my ten question:
1- what is the book that change somewhat your life?
2- If you have the possibility, what kind of style you would wear? (ex. fantasy/shi-fi/tribal/traditional culture of, etc)
3- If you have the power to change one thing in the world, what is it?
4- A dish that you cook and that you're proud of
5- If you can chose to become a genius in one art, what kind you chose? (paint, sculpture, dance, music, etc)
6- One animal that you can't stand (and if you love them all, one that is the most strange/nonsense for you)
7- when you was little what did you want to be?
8- 3 bjd owner around the world that you'll die to meet
9- One doll to another owner that you want to adopt in full (for the mold, character, make up and style)
10- the most unexpected thing that you learned (or the gift received) on this hobby

Have fun (´・ω・)ノ♥


saskha's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
☆☆~FAQ ~☆☆ I Dont Support Recast BJD by lajvio

I notice that there were quite a few questions that people seem to ask frequently about my dolls, I hope this FAQ will answer those questions!

❤What kind of doll are they?
They are called Asian ball jointed dolls. Wiki has good info about them.

❤Did you make your own dolls?
They are sculpted by professional artists from Korea, China, Japan. But I painted their face, picked their eyes, make hair and outfit and customized them from head to toes.

❤Where can I buy these dolls?
They are mostly sold online by various companies. I recommend this site for all the link companies: [url][/url]

❤Where did you buy your dolls' stuff?
Some outfit (all the fantasy outfit and mohair wig), wig and accessories were handmade by me. Sometime, I bought them from many companies, but I love the most Alice's collection, Tata paradise, 9ninestyle and Luts for casual clothes.

❤ Where can I buy cheaper BJD's?
BJD's are generally expensive so you must save if you are planning to get into this hobby. Also, keep in mind that the bigger a doll is, the more they will cost.

❤ Do you do your own face ups?
Yes, I did all of my dolls' face ups, except that iplehouse giorgio, my Nataniel.

❤ Can I commission you to do face ups for my dolls?
Yes, please check my Journal ^__^

❤ May I use your doll photos for roleplaying/forum signature/avatar?
Please do not use them for any of the above. For other personal use, please inform me and I will let you know.

Original characters, story, and photos SaskhArt© (2010-2013)
Do not edit, repost, reuse, or redistribute without credit or permission.
You can reblog my photos with the reblog button, that is available in all my photos.


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