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lurch-jr Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018
If you need more ideas for your public domain combined project:

Alias Unknown (Unknown Soldier/Alias X)
Black Raven (Raven/Blackout)
Captain Courage (Captain Courageous/Captain Fearless)
Flag Man (Flag/Flag Man)
Golden Sword (Sword/Golden Archer)
Lightning Volt (Lightning/Volton)
MagnoHood (Magno/Hood)
Miss Victory (Captain Victory/Miss Victory)
Mr. Nemesis (Dr. Nemesis/Mr. Miracle)
Phantom Spider (Black Spider/Phantom Falcon)
Vulcan Mask (Vulcan/Grey Mask)

American Eagle (American Crusader/Eagle)
American Fury (American Eagle/Black Fury)
Black Lynx (Black Bat/Lynx)
Black Masked Rider (Masked Rider/Black Rider)
Chuck (Eaglet/Chuck)
Dart (Liberator/Dart)
Dynaman (Pyroman/Dynamo)
Future Man (Captain Future/V-Man)
Green Mask (Mask/Green Mask)
Grim Banshee (Grim Reaper/Banshee)
Lady-Bug (Scarab/Moth)
Mystikor (Mystico/Kalkor)
Red Panther (Woman in Red/Panther Woman)
Samson the Black Terror (Black Terror/Samson)
Spectro, The Super Wizard (Spectro, The Mind Reader/Stardust, The Super Wizard)
Sphinx Queen (Sphinx/Spider Queen)
Thunder Man (Wonder Man/Thor)
Wonder Yank (Fighting Yank/Wonder Man)

Captain Ghost (Ghost Woman/Captain Wizard)

Captain Man O’Metal (Man O’Metal/Captain Fight)
Comet Boy (Rainbow Boy/Red Comet)
Flint Panther (Flint Man/Red Panther)
HydroBolt (Hydroman/Lightning)
Music Man (Music Master/Tigerman)
Phantom Zombie (Purple Zombie/Phantom Falcon)

Black Kismet (Black Venus/Kismet)

Atomic Bolt (Blue Bolt/Atomic Man)
Blue Twister (Twister/Blue Streak)

Dr. Zero (Sub-Zero Man/Dr. Frost)
Spaceowl (Spacehawk/Black Owl)
Yank & Doodle (Manowar, Wonder Boy/Yank & Doodle)

Yellow Avenger (Yellowjacket/Invisible Avenger)

Dr. Solarman (Dr. Solar/Solarman)

Captain Giant (Captain Power/Green Giant)

Hyper the Cyclone (Hyper the Phenomenal/Cyclone)

Mirror Fly (Fly-Man/Mirror Man)
Sparkfire (Spitfire/Sparkman)

Bronze Spider (Bronze Terror/Spider)
Captain Ghost (Ghost/Captain Satan)
G-13 (13/G-8)
Zero Crime (Crimebuster/Captain Zero)

Cosmo Face (Face/Cosmo Man)
Lady Cloak (Cloak/Lady Fairplay)

Arrow Boy (Brain Boy/Swift Arrow)
Lt Phantasmo (Phantasmo/Lt Hercules)
Martan, The Golden Lad (Martan, The Marvel Man/Golden Lad)
Nuklaman (Nukla/Atoman)

Captain Scarlet O’Neil (Invisible Scarlet O’Neil/Captain Combat)
SashScott Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018
WOW! I'm going to take a read at your extensive list here. If I do any, I'll give you credit for the concept Lurch Jr.
Edgar1968 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Astounding!!! Keep it up.
wtatew Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
very cool redesigns
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